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Jewelry Styles You Can Wear All Year Round

Not all of us can afford to change style from season to season. Transitioning from summer to fall or winter to spring can be quite expensive if you really want to make your outfit look fresh and updated. However, if you want to stay practical when it comes to your fashion choices, collecting pieces that you can wear all year round will surely make dressing up a lot easier and more ideal for your wallet.
jewelry you can wear all year round
Although jewelry trends change overtime especially when it comes to color and designs, there are some jewelry style that stays fashionable no matter what the season is. By mixing and matching it with the right outfit and other accessories, you can still look chic and smart with your office or casual outfit.
Are you looking for fashion jewelry pieces that you can wear all year round? Here are some jewelry styles that never get old.

1. Pearls

From long pearl necklaces, to stud pearl earrings and pearl cocktail rings, this jewelry is definitely a must have piece in every woman’s jewelry collection. It can easily be paired with any outfit from casual to formal wear and can be paired with other jewelry such as gold or silver to create a vintage look.

2. Pendant necklace

A silver or gold necklace with an elegant pendant or charm can turn any outfit into something more special. Wear it on top of your tank top and pair it with stacked bracelets during summer or use it to spice up your long sleeve shirt during cold days of fall. Collect necklaces with different pendants so you can easily match it with the rest of your outfit all year round.

3. Ring

When you just need to spice up your outfit, a simple ring can definitely work like magic. Invest in basic types of rings like silver, rose gold or gold rings so you can have more options when it comes to dressing up your fingers. Wear a single cocktail ring for a classy look or stack up different styles of silver rings for a more fashion forward look. No matter how you decide to wear your rings, they can surely create a stylish look from season to season.

More tips on wearing jewelry from season to season:

• Invest in quality and not just quantity when it comes to your collection
• Buy jewelry in variety of colors so you can match it with any your chosen outfit
• Avoid buying jewelry that you can only wear once
• Know what jewelry style works well with your personality
• Keep your jewelry properly organized so you can easily choose what to wear
How about you? Do you have certain jewelry pieces that you love to wear anytime of the year? Share to us your tips and tricks on keeping your looks updated without buying new piece of jewelry every season.