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Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling Through Summer with These Caring Tips

Ladies! It’s summer time once again! Now is a great time to flaunt your jewelry collection. With your fashion rings, statement necklaces to dangling earrings, you can find different stylish ways to accessorize your summer outfit by mixing and matching your favorite fashion pieces.   However, we all know that summer isn't exactly friendly to your jewelry. With the high level of temperature and humidity, some fashion jewelry can tarnish or fade faster when not properly cared for during this season. While planning your out of town trips and other exciting adventures, don’t forget to keep your fashion jewelry clean and shiny.
Here are some of our tips to help your wholesale jewelry survive the summer heat.

1. Wear minimal jewelry when traveling or engaging in physical activities

Although it’s nice to travel in style, it’s much safer and more practical to travel while wearing minimal jewelry on your body. When planning your outfit this summer, consider your destination and the travel time before you reach your desired place. Wearing minimal jewelry can be very convenient, especially when you’re traveling via airplane, by boat or on board a long train ride.CJG2543 Stainless Steel Epoxy Ring

2. Take it off before jumping in the pool or swimming in the beach

It’s easy to forget a lot of things when you’re having fun but not taking off your wedding ring or engagement ring before jumping in the pool will put you in a great risk of losing your jewelry. Take a minute off to remove all your jewelry before swimming or even before applying sunscreen and other lotion. CJG2550 Stainless Steel Epoxy Earrings

3. Double check the clasps and hooks before wearing your jewelry

Losing your precious wholesale jewelry while on vacation can be a nightmare. Avoid this by checking for loose clasps and hooks before putting on your bracelets, earrings or necklaces. If you notice an unreliable hook or clasp, choose not to wear it and have it repaired immediately. CJG2552 Stainless Steel Epoxy Earrings

4. Keep your jewelry safe against thieves and robbers

When staying in some resort or hotel, you have to be extra careful with your belongings, especially with your jewelry. Although security must be provided by the hotel company that you’re staying with, there are times that they won’t be liable for any damage or loss of property. That is why it will always be helpful to take extra caution when leaving your belongings behind when going to the beach and visiting other destination. Are you excited for your summer getaway? Don't forget to care for your jewelry!