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Know Your Wholesale Jewelry: Different Metals Used in Manufacturing Wholesale Fashion Jewelry (Part I)

Jewelry is created from different metals. Wholesale jewelry is commonly manufactured using stainless steel, sterling silver, and rhodium. Knowing the differences in the metals used in manufacturing wholesale fashion jewelry can help jewelry store retailers and wholesale jewelry lovers make informed decisions in buying fashion jewelry accessories.

wholesale fashion jewelry
Gold is one of the most common, not to mention expensive, metals used in designing wedding rings, engagement rings, and eternity rings. Gold is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Bronze, red, and lime gold are also available and the colors can also be combined to produce two-tone, three-tone, or multi-colored gold. In wholesale jewelry, gold is almost never used because of the cost involved in using it; however, goldtone wholesale fashion jewelry is easily available as a more affordable alternative to authentic gold jewelry.

Titanium is another metal used in designing jewelry. With its silver-grayish-white color, titanium is one of the most elegant-looking metals used in jewelry creation. Additionally, titanium is very strong, three times stronger than steel and even stronger than gold, silver, and platinum. What makes titanium perfect for jewelry is its scratch-resistant capabilities and lightweight features. Titanium jewelry is difficult to resize though because it cannot be soldered. Platinum, one of the most expensive metals used in creating jewelry, is used in its pure form, unlike gold which is sometimes mixed with other metals.

Platinum is very elegant and sophisticated, making it the number one choice for bridal jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, and eternity rings. Celebrities and others who are equally rich and famous can very well afford platinum jewelry not only because of its high-price but also but also because of its sophisticated and timeless appeal.

While we focused on expensive metals today, next week we will talk about the more affordable metals used in creating jewelry – those that are often used in manufacturing wholesale jewelry such as wholesale engagement rings, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale cocktail rings. See you then!