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Know Your Wholesale Jewelry: Different Metals Used in Manufacturing Wholesale Fashion Jewelry (Part II)

Last week, we focused on how gold, titanium, and platinum are used in creating beautiful and gorgeous jewelry. These metals are commonly used by designers because of the high value and elegance it brings to jewelry. For the more budget-friendly ones, wholesale jewelry is the most practical choice and the metals used to create wholesale fashion jewelry include stainless steel, sterling silver, and rhodium.

wholesale fashion jewelry
Sterling silver is less expensive than gold, titanium, and platinum. It comes in a white-gray color and it is softer than gold, platinum, and titanium. While sterling silver wholesale jewelry is a more affordable option, it is best to wear them at short periods of time. Sterling silver wholesale fashion jewelry is not recommended to be worn at extended periods because it can result to allergies due to the reaction with the copper content and tarnishing of the jewelry. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot glam yourself up with sterling silver wholesale jewelry.

On the contrary, wholesale jewelry made from sterling silver is perfect for casual brunches with friends, romantic dates with significant others, and evening galas that only last for a few hours. Sterling silver is perfect for wholesale cocktail rings, wholesale earrings, and wholesale bracelets.

wholesale jewelry
Stainless steel is a rather recent introduction when it comes to manufacturing wholesale fashion jewelry. It is increasingly becoming a popular choice for wholesale jewelry because of its hard and durable features. It is commonly used to manufacture wholesale men’s jewelry such as stainless steel rings and wholesale men’s bracelets. Additionally, wholesale pendants are starting be crafted from stainless steel as well because of its appealing color and low cost.

Finally, a metal very similar to platinum and titanium is rhodium, which shares many similarities with platinum, including its white color. Rhodium is commonly electroplated on white gold and platinum for a reflective white surface. Rhodium is perfect for wholesale engagement rings, wholesale cocktail rings, and wholesale necklaces.

Wholesale fashion jewelry comes in many styles and made from a variety of metals. This makes wholesale jewelry a great option for jewelry retailers and wholesale lovers as well. CeriJewelry.com boasts of a wide collection of wholesale rings, wholesale bracelets, and wholesale necklaces, just to name a few – all of which can be purchased at affordable prices.