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Love Affair of the Millennium: What’s With Women and Jewelries?

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Love affairs are exciting. These relationships often start at such immaculate states filled with excitement and intense passion. Individuals who have been in an affair said that they were led to a different realm of possibilities that they never knew existed. They said it gave them a new lease on life – a much needed jolt from a stagnant marriage or even a breath of fresh air from the monotony of a routine existence.

But these types of relationships are just that – fleeting and disastrous towards the end. It doesn’t have to be a scandalous ending but it will definitely be a painful one. And this is always the case in any marriage or romantic relationship.

But with women and jewelry, the love affair is never a disaster nor a painful one … except maybe on the wallet!
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Most men are really puzzled by the love affair between women and any piece of jewelry. They just don’t understand why women get wide eyed at the sight of a princess cut diamond or engagement ring.

No matter how the twist and flip of circumstances are, many just really don’t get why women can’t live without wearing a piece of jewelry. Be it a pair of simple earrings, an old watch or a wooden bangle – we just to wear them.

To help unlock this mystery, here are some of the top reasons why women love their bling.

  1. Diamonds and gems make us feel pretty.

This is not at all an issue of superficial physical beauty. I guess it has something to do with having that extra ounce of confidence in knowing that we’re wearing something pretty or nice. That is why we like wearing pretty dresses and amazing shoes that caught our fancy.

  1. A simple jewelry shines like gold when they’re given to us as presents

Men should know really know this fact by heart. Expensive jewelry pieces are always nice but getting semi-precious or fashion jewelry from the guy that we’re crazy about is like one of the top prizes in female lottery! It will always be the thought that counts.

Just a tip for guys: the next time you think of a million and one reasons why you should not give your girl that free ring on the cereal – just think of her smile and how she’ll laugh at your goofy idea but love it in the end. She’ll surely gush about it next time she hangs out with her girls

  1. And lastly, they’re just part of who we are
Need I say more? Wanting to look and feel pretty is just who we are. We love cute things and cry over the silliest things. That’s how we do it in Venus and we know that you secretly love it about us.

Wholesale fashion jewelry pieces are a great alternative to expensive custom made ones. Without sacrificing stunning design, every woman can flaunt her own style and feel confident with a fraction of the cost – without causing a disaster on your wallet.

What do you think about the love affair of women with jewelries? Tell me about your happy, weird or out of control experiences by leaving a comment.

Till next post!