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Offering Wholesale Jewelry at Craft Shows

Doing wholesale jewelry business offline presents owners a wide array of options to choose from. From trade shows to home parties, selling wholesale jewelry at craft shows is an alternative business owners can look into. Craft fairs and public events are enjoyable if you love traveling. What’s a better way of earning income than touring different places while selling fashionable wholesale jewelry? Craft shows are excellent venues to sell wholesale rings, wholesale bracelets, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale pendants. A few factors a wholesaler needs to keep in mind are:

1. It is crucial for the wholesale jewelry you offer to stand out. Great qualities include the style, material, manufacturer, and originality of your wholesale jewelry collection. This is why it is important to search for the perfect wholesale jewelry supplier to guarantee your customers that they are purchasing wholesale jewelry of the highest quality.
2. The price range must be reasonable enough for the wholesale jewelry pieces you offer. Price is an important factor when retailers purchase wholesale jewelry because of the budget they’ve allotted when shopping for wholesale jewelry pieces. Lower price points may sell more but also keep on hand more expensive pieces for those in search of unique and trendy wholesale jewelry items.

3. Take into account the demographics of the people who are attending the craft show to know which wholesale jewelry pieces are the right ones to showcase. Teens, for example, would prefer fashionable items while businesswomen will opt for the more elegant pieces. The age and income of the attendees are good gauges to help you decide which wholesale jewelry items to bring.

4. Customer traffic is also important because the number of attendees reflect the quality of the craft show you are planning on participating in. Well established shows mean more potential customers while first year shows may still be sluggish and slower.

5. Set up an interesting booth to attract attention. U-shape tables are advisable to maximize the usually cramped space business owners are given during craft shows.

6. Smile and sincerely welcome visitors to make them feel appreciated. Most people prefer personally meeting the man or woman behind the business so it is important to have time to meet and greet consumers.
7. Similar wholesale jewelry pieces should be grouped together to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for if they are looking for something specific. Nothing beats wholesale jewelry organized in an orderly fashion. Mirrors are very important because customers will prefer trying out a jewelry item before making final purchase.

The smallest thing counts when setting up wholesale jewelry displays at craft shows. Make sure that your booth is attractive and enticing to have an increase on wholesale jewelry sales. CERIJewelry.com offers a wide range of wholesale jewelry pieces both for wholesalers and individuals simply in love with fashion jewelry.