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Peridot Jewelry to Sell This August 2020

Here are some peridot jewelry picks that you can add to your inventory.

Peridot is a striking green crystal called by ancient Egyptians as “gem of the sun.” Its hue is a mix of summer green with some golden tones. Although the most common is the yellowish-green peridot, the best ones are grass green in color. 

You can find top-grade crystals in this color. In fact, they look so similar, you can mistake them for the real thing. Peridot may be a bit costly, so top-grade stones in this color are an affordable alternative.

Since peridot is the birthstone of August, selling peridot jewelry this month is a wise business move. Stock up your inventory; check out a few of these pieces from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection.

CJG2304 Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Ring

Perfect for those who are into layered rings, this piece gives the wearer a multiple stackable ring effect for the price one. It features a striking grass green peridot center stone and smaller clear, and light yellow stones surrounding it. This ring is recommended to women with long, slender fingers.

CJG2342 Stainless Steel Synthetic Glass Ring

For those looking for a peridot engagement ring, this is the piece to offer them. It boasts a prong-set vivid green crystal as its center stone and brilliantly clear round stone accents. This glass ring is ideal for those who want to give their special someone a strikingly beautiful piece but on a budget.

CJE2534 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Black Top Grade Crystal Peridot Earrings

These peridot earrings are perfect for wearing any time of the day. Each earring features a black-plated stainless steel setting and little baguette-cut grass green gems. They are ideal for your customers looking for a pair that they can wear during video conferences at work, as they are striking enough without going overboard.

B7121 Peridot Swarovski Elements Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Last but not least is this minimalist cuff bracelet perfect for matching with dainty peridot rings. This bracelet features a Swarovski Crystal in a deep peridot green hue and rounded alloy metal cuff for a comfortable fit. This piece looks best when worn with a wristwatch or other minimalist bangles as well.


For more peridot-colored crystal fashion jewelry, head on to CeriJewelry.com