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Quick Tips: 5 Ways to Promote your Jewelry Business

Every day is the best time to improve your business and achieve your dreams. If you want to experience increase in sales, we have some quick tips on how you can promote your wholesale jewelry business.

Wear your jewelry

One of the best ways to make people notice your jewelry is to wear them yourself when going around town or when you’re attending a party. Mix and match different outfits with your jewelry to give people the idea on how to wear your jewelry. If your accessories look good on you, it will surely catch people’s attention and would make them more interested on your products. This is also a cheap way to advertise your jewelry and meet more people who can be your prospective buyer.

If you have family or friends who also love what you’re selling, you can ask them to wear it and recommend it to their friends whenever possible.

Use Discount Codes and Coupons

Shoppers definitely love discounts! So if you want to boost your sales and make your store more popular, make use of discount codes and coupons on your jewelry products. This promotion is best done during special events and holidays when people would surely appreciate any form of savings when buying jewelry.

You can also make use of this method if you want to feature a specific product that needs more exposure. Create an email list and send discount codes to the members of your list so they can use it on their next purchase. Don’t forget to get feedback from customers about your promo so you will know which one works for them and what you can do to improve your discount schemes.

Put posters and leaflets in your stores

Inform and educate your customers by putting posters that contain facts and trivia about jewelry. Tips on how to wear different kinds of accessories will also capture your customers’ attention. This way, you can help them make an educated decision on what products to buy and empower them to choose the best jewelry that works well for them.

Also include a leaflet on their shopping bags or hand them brochure of your products before they leave your store. This way, they can easily recommend your store among their friends and social network.

Pin and Share it through Pinterest

Handmade crafts and jewelry stores around the world are now seeing Pinterest as a good platform in promoting their business. Aside from other social media sites, jewelers take advantage of the free advertisement that can get on Pinterest. You can also take this opportunity to post images of your products and other related things to gain more followers and popularity.

Recommend Jewelry for your customers

Update yourself with the latest trends on jewelry and fashion and share it with your customers. Send them a newsletter about what’s hot on the fashion world and suggest different ways of wearing trendy accessories. This will surely be appreciated by your customers who needs more help in deciding what to buy and how to wear it.

You can also send them photos of a popular jewelry worn by a celebrity and suggest a way on how they can pull off that look.

Gaining more sales and improving your jewelry business involves giving what your customers need and knowing what they want. Don’t forget to follow these tips and top it with good customer service and quality products. If you have all these, success in this business is surely within your reach.