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Sparkle with Wholesale Jewelry to Welcome 2012

Affordable wholesale jewelry is everywhere but finding great styles at reasonable prices is not that easy to do. As the New Year ushers in, most wholesale jewelry store owners will start focusing on the latest trends that are expected to be big when it comes to wholesale fashion jewelry this year. Sparkly and glittery wholesale jewelry never goes out of style so here are some of the wholesale fashion jewelry styles you shouldn’t miss this month, especially since New Year parties will still be around for the entire month of January.

Wholesale vintage jewelry has never disappeared from each season’s trends. Statement pieces such as wholesale cocktail rings with a vintage feel are always best-selling pieces in any wholesale jewelry store. For the New Year, old-world and layered style wholesale jewelry adds a modern edge to classic pieces as it mixes the old with the new, creating an entirely different look that is both elegant and stylish. 

When it comes to wholesale necklaces, bib necklaces are still great accessories to add sparkle and glam to any fashionista’s ensemble for the New Year. Whether customers choose to pair it with jeans or a cocktail dress, wholesale necklaces that have their own personalities can add beauty to any simple outfit, taking the look a notch higher. 

Contrary to popular belief, wholesale brooches are not just for old people and grandparents. Wholesale brooches actually look good when they are combined with other pieces. A collection of wholesale gold brooches can spice up any outfit, transforming it from drab to ultra-chic. Another piece to accessorize with for the New Year are big wholesale earrings. Invest in playful pieces or offer wholesale earrings with colorful stones like Siam, turquoise, emerald, and topaz. 

Wearing many wholesale fashion jewelry accessories is not so bad, really. As long as there is a theme to follow and unite the ensemble, looking good in multiple pieces of wholesale jewelry can be achieved.