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Styling Men with Wholesale Men’s Jewelry

Men are increasingly accessorizing as a means of being fashionable rather than doing so out of necessity. From wristwatches to wholesale chain bracelets, men have become more fashion-conscious and are joining the ranks of top fashionistas. In the world of wholesale jewelry, retailers are now investing more on men’s jewelry because they account for a large portion of the fashion jewelry consumer base. Below is a list of some of the more popular choices for wholesale men’s jewelry.

Wholesale men’s rings – Wholesale men’s rings are often more robust and masculine than those for women. Though they have bigger stones, they are simpler than cocktail rings or engagement rings designed for women. Wholesale men’s rings are sometimes decorated with animals that symbolize manhood and masculinity, or text that denotes an achievement or profession.

Wholesale cufflinks – Cufflinks are wholesale jewelry that men wear with their suits. They come in a variety of designs, sometimes incorporating gemstones, Premium Austrian crystals, or cubic zirconia. Additionally, they are widely available in different colors to suit the different hues men wear as office attire. Not only do they add elegance, wholesale cufflinks also add a touch of fashion and style for men too.

Wholesale bangles – Women often wear wholesale bracelets with chains, gemstones, or charms. Men, likewise, also wear wholesale chain bracelets. However, men are most often seen accessorizing their wrists with wholesale bangles because of the rigidity and sturdiness this type of wholesale jewelry offers.

Wholesale necklaces - Wholesale necklaces for men usually come in the form of chains. As a result of recent trends in hip hop fashion, men have been accessorizing with huge pendants that bling in style. However, for office-bound fashionista men, wholesale necklaces that come in simple chains with a single or no pendant are perfect for their professional image. Additionally, military dog tags have become popular for men because of what they symbolize.

Styling men with wholesale jewelry is now possible because men have become more fashion-conscious. Keep in mind that men do not often want to be in the spotlight so it’s best to suggest wholesale jewelry that is simple, yet makes them stand out.