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The Best Offline Venues to Sell Wholesale Jewelry

With online shopping as the latest means of purchasing goods, products, and services, businesses might have overlooked the importance and significance of having a physical location when selling wholesale jewelry items. Indeed, having a website to display bracelets, gems, or necklaces bring in good money; however, marketing jewelry items to shops, boutiques, and trade shows play a big role in expanding your wholesale jewelry business

Below are the best offline venues where you can offer your wholesale jewelry products.

1. Bazaars, fairs, and festivals 

College kids and high school students are your best customers in craft fairs and/or outdoor festivals. These are people with a budget and they will most likely to purchase wholesale jewelry for their friends and relatives. Partner up with churches or organizations that sponsor events where you can sell jewelry.

2. For the business connoisseur

Participating in outdoor events such as fairs and festivals will only cost less than a hundred dollars. Pick out the best cocktail rings or bracelets and you’ll be sure to gross as much as $400/day. Sales are directly related to the quantity of your available wholesale jewelry items.

3. Home jewelry parties 

Yes, they do exist. Home jewelry parties are events you can host yourself or have a friend host for you. Simply prepare light snacks and drinks for your guests. The most crucial thing to bring, however, is wholesale jewelry pieces. Bring cuff links for your female customers to buy for their men or offer bridal jewelry for your soon-to-wed female clientele. By inviting people to come, there would be less competition and you’ll earn more. Some jewelry owners earn as much as $1500 in just one and a half hours.

4. Flea markets

During summer and the holiday season, people, especially women swarm in flea markets. For them, these are the best times to shop for fashion accessories. Keep in mind though, that success in selling jewelry in flea markets also depends on other factors like weather and traffic. Flea markets are a good place to experiment because people tend to buy low-end pieces but fashionable and unique.

Always have your most beautiful jewelry pieces ready for easy storage and transport. Your sales will highly depend on the styles and designs of your wholesale jewelry. Make sure to pick the right wholesale jewelry supplier for that continued success in the world of jewelry.