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The colors of fall 2009, as translated in jewelry speak

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
The fall 2009 colors are up and about! Ladies, gear up for the latest fashion jewelry in these colors to look incredibly diva-licious this fall. Retailers and resellers of jewelry, better load up on the season’strendiest wholesale jewelry pieces as ladies all around town will be on the prowl for these fab finds.

According the Pantone, global authority on color for the design industries, these are the top 10 colors of Fall ’09:

American Beauty – a shade of true red. Go for garnet colored wholesale jewelry gemstones or for a more profound red,ruby cubic zirconia jewelry or siam colored pieces.

Purple Heart– in fashion jewelry, this easily translates toamethyst CZ fashionjewelry.

Rapture Rose – apink colored CZ jewelry to show off your ultra sweet and feminine side.

Honey Yellow – nothing brightens up the comfy fall season with a warm and welcoming canary colored CZ wholesale jewelry or atopaz colored CZ jewelry.

Burnt Sienna – like an earthy orange that resembles a terracotta roof tile, this translates tochampagne CZ fashion jewelry.

Warm olive– a shade of yellow-green that could make fashion ensembles come alive. In wholesale jewelry, look for apple yellow CZ gemstones orolivine CZ pieces.

Majolica Blue – a cross between teal and navy blue which, in jewelry speak, is asapphire CZ or a blue zircon CZ jewelry pieces.

Crème Brûlée – like the famous French desert, this is one of fall’s classic neutral colors. In jewelry, these would be yourclassic pearls.

Nomad – a deeper shade of beige and in jewelry, would also translate to your classic pearls.

Iron– this is neither gray nor brown, but is considered “the new black” of fall 2009. Acoffee CZ jewelry fits this description.