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The Four Types of Wholesale Jewelry Shoppers

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Women are the biggest clients of wholesale jewelry suppliers. Women often invest in wholesale jewelry for their friends and loved ones because diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, a lot of businesses are also entering the wholesale jewelry industry as well. Just like any other product shoppers, there are different types of wholesale jewelry shoppers out there. Some shop for antique wholesale jewelry pieces, while others are very patient scouring thrift shops or flea markets for unique wholesale jewelry items. Here are four of them:

Discount shoppers – wholesale jewelry discount shoppers are patient and thrifty. They have the power and ability to wait hours and hours for a sale to hit or discounts to open. Quality is not their main concern as they are only interested in purchasing cheap wholesale jewelry.

Bargain shoppers – these types of shoppers look for wholesale jewelry items that are both quality-made but low-priced. The only difference between discount shoppers and bargain shoppers is that bargain shoppers don’t waste time and effort shopping for cubic zirconia rings or sterling silver necklaces that are made with low quality and manufacturing.

Brand-conscious shoppers – price is not a priority for these brand conscious shoppers. They develop a certain attachment to specific brands and it’s what matters the most. Those who shop for bridal jewelry often start out this way. Because important occasions such as weddings and anniversaries call for special wholesale bridal jewelry, women often want their pearl necklaces be the best and stand out among the rest.

Better-than-others shoppers– they are the know-it-all shoppers and think they know more than the average wholesale jewelry shopper. They purchase wholesale jewelry that others can’t for a number of reasons, and once these better-than-others shoppers have that antique brooches or tennis bracelets, they’re no longer interested in it.

Knowing the different types of shoppers for wholesale jewelry is important not only for wholesale jewelry suppliers, but also for individual shoppers too. Try to find which one you are and that certainly would be interesting.