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The Importance of Creative Packaging in Jewelry Business

They say never judge a book by its cover but whether we like it or not, sometimes a product is judged primarily on the creativity and efficiency of its packaging. While having a quality jewelry product should always be the top priority, creating an effective way to package your jewelry should also be given enough consideration.

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Just put yourself in the shoes of your customers and imagine going to this fabulous wholesale jewelry store. You instantly found the accessories you needed and you enthusiastically made your first purchase on that store. But as soon as the sales lady brought to you your shopping bag, you see nothing but a plain shopping bag with an equally plain and simple jewelry box. Do you think you’ll come back to that store the second time?

A lot of customer experience is ruined by the little details such as store display and packaging. Creating a way to make your customer’s shopping experience better can increase sales, brand loyalty and good company image. Invest on this and see how much sales you can generate from just doing little things to improve packaging.

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Here are some simple tips on how to improve your packaging:

·        Decide on a theme

You can go personal, girly, elegant, professional or vintage but sticking on a particular theme can help in creating a product branding and easier recall. Match the theme of your packaging on your store display and don’t forget to create a design that matches the nature of your jewelry products.

·        Include Basic Company Information

Don’t underestimate the power of packaging as a promotional tool. Include your basic information such as phone number, address, social media handles and websites in your shopping bags along with the official company logo. Put all these on a creatively designed jewelry packaging and you’re one step ahead in promoting your store.

·        Keep it Unique and Simple

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      When the competition is tough and everyone else is selling the same fashion rings or dangling earrings, one of the best way to make your items stand out is through a unique packaging. However, some jewelry reseller makes the mistake of overdoing it. Make it unique but keep things simple. Remember that more than the box; the star of the show is still the jewelry piece inside it.

Do you think your packaging can do well in wholesale jewelry industry? Share us your tips!