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The Secrets to Finding and Keeping Your Customers

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Whether you’re selling a home made jewelry or you are a retailer of a particular brand of jewelry, finding the right customers and keeping them is essential in making your business a success. Once you find the key to customer retention, you can build a big follower of your jewelry collection and provide them with the right product that they will patronize.

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Building a nurturing customer relationship doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Some of the basic ways to engage a first time visitor and turn them to repeat customer are easy to execute and will surely yield a favorable resort for your jewelry business.

Here are practices that you can include in your customer retention plan.

  1. Find your right customer

The first step in creating a follower of your brand is targeting the right market and tailoring your products specifically for them. If you are selling cheap wholesale jewelry or expensive diamond rings, you have to make sure that your store is available for those who might be interested in your products. Observe the lifestyle and the preference of the people around your store to have an idea on what they need.

  1. Keep Track of your customers

    For home based jewelry stores with small and very intimate costumer relationship, it’s easy to keep track of your customer. But it can be a little challenging for medium to large sized businessmen. However, keeping track of your costumer’s contact information, birthday or anniversaries as well as their shopping behavior, makes it easier for you to create targeted marketing strategies and promotional activities.


  1. Give good deals

Creating a discount program that works for your loyal customers is a great way to reward them of their patronage. Make sure to inform them how they can participate with discount programs to encourage them to come back for more. Hold a monthly or yearly event that will give you the chance to meet all your customers and treat them with big discount and limited edition products.


  1. Make them feel special

Sending them a greeting card on their birthday or anniversary is a great way to make them feel remembered. However, a simple way as greeting them by their name as they come in or flashing your sincerest smile as they shop for their wedding jewelry or prom accessories can mean so much for your customers.

Building a genuine and sincere relationship with your jewelry loving customers can bring more success to your business. Remember your customers and they will also remember you. By following these simple guidelines, you can create a foundation to your customer retention program.