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The Secrets to Selling Jewelry to Men

Nowadays, looking good is no longer just a woman’s business. With the way fashion industry works, we can now see a lot of men sporting high fashion outfits and accessories like never before.
The Secrets to Selling Jewelry to Men
This change has opened a lot of great opportunities to retailers who want to explore new market and increase profitability in extremely competitive industry. If you are a jewelry seller, creating a special section for men in your jewelry store is a good starting point to make your business more men friendly.
Marketing jewelry to men is extremely different compared to marketing to women. To become successful in selling jewelry to men, you have to learn new tricks and selling techniques so you can create a better shopping experience to your target market.
Below are some of the things that you should know and remember when selling your jewelry to male.

Create a shopping environment suitable for men

Men can easily get intimidated when shopping for jewelry. With all the girly decoration and display inside a jewelry shop, it’s easy for men to feel overwhelmed inside a retail store. To let them relax a little bit, you can paint the men section of in colors that are more masculine like grey, black or blue to create the needed ambiance that will appeal more to male customers. You can also use chairs and desks to make men feel comfortable while shopping.

Create display with masculine themes

When displaying men’s jewelry, you can use different items that appeals to men like plane, cars, train and trucks. You can also use masculine color schemes in your props, background and jewelry displays to give your store well designed look. This helps create a visual signal that is more recognizable and relatable for men.

Use gadgets and other technology in promoting your products

Engage men who are into technology by using high tech gadgets and applications to promote your jewelry. You can use mobile applications, QR codes, games, or videos to engage men. You can also upload videos and images on your website to inform your male customers about your latest promos, discount, seasonal sales and other important things about your product.

Update yourself with the latest in men’s fashion

Although men’s taste in fashion often focuses on the classic and more practical pieces, there are other men who will be looking for modern fashion rings to suit their personality. Stock up on men’s wedding bands, Masonic rings, and military rings together with modern stainless steel rings with cubic zirconia stones or Austrian crystals. Watch out for the latest trends on men’s fashion by reading blogs and fashion websites so you can properly advise your customers on what to wear best this season.
Explore great opportunities by selling men’s jewelry this season. To get more idea on the latest fashion jewelry trend, check out our website and browse through our collection of men’s jewelry today.