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Tips for a Memorable Trunk Show: What to do before the event

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Finding ways to promote your jewelry business is extremely important if you want to expand your business and make your jewelry line known to bigger audience. Although there are modern ways to promote your business like using social media or selling your jewelry through ecommerce sites, nothing beats the fun and effectiveness of face to face marketing.
Tips for a Memorable Trunk Show What to do before the eventWhether you’re just starting in this industry or been selling fashionable accessories for quite some time, hosting a trunk show will surely help in increasing the foot traffic in your wholesale jewelry store and in making your business more profitable.
If you haven’t tried hosting a trunk show, here are some useful tips that you must remember to make your trunk show more memorable.

1. Make it your goal to keep your show fun and enjoyable

When hosting events that are related to your business, it’s easy to be pressured to make more sales and attract new clients. But if you really want your trunk show to be a success during and even after the event, it’s important to turn it into something that you and your customers will remember forever.
From the planning stage to organizing the show, make it a point to keep things light and fun for everyone involved. Host some games, giveaways or have a meet and greet so people will be encouraged to stay and shop around your store. Do your best to leave the best impression and take the opportunity to establish a relationship with them.

2. Choose the date and time carefully

Timing is one of the key factors of an effective trunk show. Work with your team or consult your customers when is the best day to hold an event. Whether you choose to hold it on weekends or during week days will surely have an impact on the turn out of your event.
Also remember to choose a time that is most convenient for most of your clients. A lot of retailers choose to hold their events later in the afternoon or early in the evening to give ample time for both the organizers and attendees to try on different wholesale jewelry pieces and mingle with other guests.

3. Get the word out about your event

Whether you want to keep it open for everyone or want to limit it to selected few by having a guest list, you have to make sure that your customers are properly informed about the event. Send them an invitation through email or through their social media pages or even by traditional snail mail. Remind them a few days before the event through text or email to ensure their attendance.
In our next post we’re going to give you more tips on what to do on the actual show and how you can make the most out of every event you host to promote your business.