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What is Freemasonry?

Get to know more about Freemasonry and some of the benefits of becoming a mason.

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Because our wholesale fashion jewelry pieces include masonic rings, we decided to put the spotlight on this brotherhood. So what is Freemasonry? It is the oldest and widely recognized fraternal organization in the world. It was founded in London, England in 1717 and today, it has millions of members worldwide. A goal of Freemasonry is to unite men of good character who share a belief in God or a supreme being and the brotherhood of mankind regardless of religion, ethnicity, and financial status. And as with any organization, they have their share of benefits. With  that said, here are five of the many benefits of becoming a mason.

Fellowship and brotherhood

What is Freemasonry?

One obvious benefit of being a mason is fellowship and brotherhood. These men spend quality time together by taking trips, watching live music, doing sports activities, going out to dinner, and many other activities. If one of them needs help in any aspect of his life, they will help him. There are also other social groups and clubs of different interests. One can join a music band, a sports club, a dining club, a biker club; there is one for every man. No one can feel left out in this brotherhood.

No politics

What is Freemasonry?

No one at the Masonic Lodge can talk about politics. This means there is zero bickering and zero debating on who should be the president of the country. This is what makes the Masonic Lodge a peaceful sanctuary for men who like to relax without being judged on his political views.

No religion

What is Freemasonry?

As mentioned above, Freemasonry accepts any one of any religion, as long as he has a strong belief in God. The morals and teachings of the organization are compatible with any religion. No one will ever be judged based on his religious background and is accepted as an equal.

Get to help other people

What is Freemasonry?

Being a mason allows one to help charities by paying the yearly dues. Masonic Lodges also has local charities that they support by donating necessities such as food and clothing. So even if one is not attending meetings regularly, he still gets to help those in need. One can also easily start his own fundraiser through his lodge and instantly get help from his brothers.


What is Freemasonry?

And because it's a worldwide organization, Freemasonry's members are diverse. One can network with a mason from any walk of life in one's lodge, as well as with the other brothers in any lodge in any part of the globe. One can easily expand his network which can be pretty helpful when it comes to businesses and careers.