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What Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers Need From Retailers

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Starting up a jewelry business is never easy. First there’s that little thing of looking for the rightwholesale jewelry supplier. Retailers then need to research what are the top wholesale jewelry styles that women all over the globe will purchase. Marketing wholesale jewelry is a top priority retailers should focus on. Also, retailers need to make sure that clients are happy to do repeat business with them. Aside from all of these start-up requirements, there are other things retailers need after they find the right wholesale jewelry supplier. Here is a list of some of those things:
1. Resale Permits – Providing tax resale information is one sure way to establish a good relationship with a wholesale jewelry supplier. Jewelry retailers can greatly benefit from being qualified as wholesale buyers by jewelry wholesalers because this allows retailers to buy wholesale jewelry at wholesale prices.Wholesale jewelry companies that do not require resale documents might just be looking for a quick sale and not long-term business.

2. Business License – Business licenses basically validate the business you own. Not to be mistaken with a resale license, a business license is a permit that allows owners to do business. Business licenses are issued by the local city or county government office where business is to be conducted. Browse through phone books under city or county offices and search for agencies that issue business licenses. Selling wholesale earrings, wholesale bracelets, or other wholesale jewelry without the proper business license might be illegal and can ruin your business in the long run.
3. Proof of Business/Industry Affiliation/Ownership/Personal Identification – Attending trade shows conducted by wholesale jewelry suppliers will require retailers to submit some required documentation. Upon pre-registering, trade shows usually require some credentials to be submitted, although requirements may vary from show to show. By preparing documents of proof of business, industry affiliation, ownership, and personal identification, retailers can save time and are assured that they can sell wholesale rings,wholesale necklaces, and wholesale pendants during the event.

4. Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) Membership – Though membership is not a requirement when buying wholesale, being a part of the JBT is recognized as a valid credential by most jewelry trade shows and wholesale jewelry suppliers. This is because the Jewelers Board of Tradeis specifically geared towards the jewelry industry, providing marketing, credit, and collection services to members. For retailers, being a member of the JBT may prove beneficial to you.