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Wholesale Bridal Jewelry: Classic Engagement Ring Settings

The month of February spells love and adoration. Men and women are running off to find the perfect gift, and what better way to show your love than with an exceptional and gorgeous engagement ring? Jewelry store owners will benefit greatly from having a collection of classic and elegant wholesale bridal jewelry such as engagement rings. The settings most often used in wholesale engagement rings are the following:

  • Prong setting – Also known as claw, wholesale engagement rings in prong setting are the most commonly purchased wholesale rings. They are named so because of the use of prongs, the metal projections used to secure the stone – diamonds, gemstones, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals – on the ring. Prong settings highlight the stone because the prongs are so tiny, making the stone more visible to the looker.
  • Bezel setting – Also known as rub-over setting, bezel set wholesale rings contain a rim or band that holds the stone securely in place. Bezel settings were the earliest type of setting used in jewelry-making. Because of their protective style, wholesale bridal rings in bezel setting are perfect for those who live an active lifestyle. Additionally, the bezel setting gives the ring an understated yet elegant appearance.
  • Pave setting – Pave-set wholesale bridal jewelry gives the illusion of a bigger stone when it is actually made up of small stones set closely together and close to the surface of the jewelry. Pave is so named because it gives the appearance that the bridal ring is paved with gemstones, similar to that of a pavement or sidewalk. Because of this, pave-set wholesale bridal rings are more beautiful and shiny than other classic engagement ring settings.
  • Channel setting – Wholesale engagement rings set in channel have stones aligned side-by-side and are secured by two strips of precious metal. Channel setting is often used with princess, square, or emerald cut stones because no metal separates them, creating a clean row of snugly fit stones.
  • Bar setting – Bar setting is a version of channel setting in which the stones lie side-by-side but are separated by bars of precious metal. Light is maximized because it reaches each stone, illuminating its clarity, thereby adding more sparkle and shine to them.

Wholesale bridal jewelry such as engagement rings is beautiful and elegant. With these classic settings of wholesale engagement rings in your collection, no man will have difficulty purchasing the perfect engagement ring for his ladylove.