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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Selling Tips

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Are you considering selling wholesale? Check out these few tips on how to wholesale jewelry to retailers and end-users.

Woman in a blue patterned dress shopping for beaded fashion jewelry

Selling wholesale fashion jewelry is a profitable business. This is because you would be selling items that are popular, in-demand, and stylish to like-minded people. Another perk is that you can manage this business in the comfort of your home.

So how can you be a successful jewelry wholesaler? Today, we will be sharing some tips on how you can sell wholesale jewelry pieces like a champ.

Determine whether you are a B2B or a B2C distributor.

Woman wearing a gemstone ring scanning through a tray of wholesale fashion rings

First up, you should determine how you want to operate your wholesale business. If you choose business-to-business, you will be purchasing pieces at lower, wholesale prices then selling them to retailers. If you have the funds to buy in bulk, then this is the best bet for you.

On the other hand, if you choose to operate as a business-to-consumer distributor, you would be buying jewelry wholesale then selling them to the customer via a small shop, your website, or a third-party resource like Amazon. This is the best choice if you have fewer customers.

Decide what kind of jewelry you are going to wholesale.

Woman wearing the Stainless Steel IP Gold AAA Grade CZ Multi Color Blue & Pink Minimal Ring from CeriJewelry

For starters, it's best to sell one type of fashion jewelry first. You can opt to solely sell wholesale fashion rings or wholesale ear rings. Once you've established your business, you can gradually add more types. Of course, it's best to ask your loyal clients as to what they would want to see in your inventory soon.

Figure out your marketing strategy.

Overhead shot of a trade show with a lot of attendees

If you are a B2B jewelry wholesaler, the best way to secure clients is to reach out to jewelry retailers and offer your items at attractive costs. Trade and craft shows are also recommended, as they are perfect for networking with like-minded and interested people.

As for B2C, you should focus on optimizing your product pages on Amazon or eBay to reach your target customers. If you are selling on a website or on social media platforms, paid ads are your best bet.

Make use of all your social media channels.

Hand holding a smart phone with the screen showing social media apps

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to increase brand awareness for free. Plus, these channels have millions of daily users globally. With that being said, make sure to keep your accounts active by regularly posting engaging content on these sites. Avoid hard-selling though; your posting type should be a combination of product-related posts, inspirational, helpful, and current news posts.