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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Spotlight: Classic Engagement Ring Styles (Part II)

Classic engagement rings never go out of style. For wholesale jewelry store owners, it is important that they have these styles always in stock. Previously, we touched on several designs that are frequently seen on wholesale engagement rings. These are the solitaire, fancy-shaped stones, big rocks, signature presented, and three-stone rings.

Today, we finish our two-part special dedicated to timeless designs of wholesale engagement rings.

5. Split-shank setting – You may have already seen a wholesale engagement ring with a split-shank setting. You just don’t know what it is called. A wholesale bridal ring in split-shank setting is more eye-catching than traditional styles as it features a band that splits in half as it approaches the center diamond. This results to a wider focal center, allowing more room for diamonds and details.

Rhodium Plated Princess Cut CZ Wedding Set4. Major sparkles – Engagement rings that are sparkly and glittery will never run out of style because every woman loves a shimmering engagement ring. Pave and channel settings are the most commonly used settings as they offer the most spark when it comes to diamonds. These settings feature tiny diamonds throughout the engagement ring as compared to solitaires or three-stone rings.

3. Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets – Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Sets are becoming more and more mainstream as designers now create wholesale bridal jewelry designed to accommodate the needs of brides and brides-to-be. Wedding bands need to fit perfectly with the engagement ring and there are designs that do not allow the union of the two rings, thus the introduction of wedding band sets.

Rhodium Plated Light Amethyst CZ Ring
2. Colors – Celebrities may have started the trend with colored engagement rings. Who hasn’t forgotten Jessica Simpson, Kate Middleton, Natalie Portman, and Carrie Underwood’s non-traditional engagement rings? The truth is, colored stones are one of the timeless styles in engagement rings. Of course, brightly colored gems are more expensive than paler ones.

1. Cubic Zirconia Stones – The challenging economy should not hinder a couple from getting married. The best solution to a more affordable ring is to use cubic zirconia stones instead of diamonds. Cubic zirconia engagement rings cost a fraction of the price of those embellished with authentic diamonds and it is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Marriage is one of the highlights in a couple’s life. Picking the perfect engagement ring is a very crucial part of the marriage preparation. These are timeless and classic designs that will certainly never run out of style. Now that you have the right girl (or boy), it’s time to choose the perfect wholesale fashion jewelry for your wedding.