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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Tips: Display Ideas for Wholesale Necklaces

One of the best things about wholesale fashion jewelry is that there are many things you can do to play around with them. For example, when thinking about how to display wholesale rings, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale cubic zirconia rings, there are tons of ideas you can toy with. Today, we will talk about how you can display your wholesale necklaces beautifully and creatively, without spending too much of course.


If you want a nature-themed display, shells (the really huge ones) are great surfaces where you can just lay wholesale necklaces. Especially for pearls, wholesale pearl necklaces would look at home with Tridacna sp. clams. These bivalve mollusks would make a great home for any kind of wholesale fashion jewelry embellished with pearls.


Vertical hanging displays are also great space-saving displays, especially if you have products of the same style or design. With vertical hanging displays, you can simply group those with the same cubic zirconia stones or similarly colored wholesale necklaces, making it easier to find for customers who come to your store.


Standard necklace displays are often seen in high-end jewelry stores but it doesn't mean that you can’t use them for your own wholesale jewelry shop. Group necklace displays by theme or if you are feeling artistic, just group them randomly so customers who drop by can see the variety of the wholesale jewelry products that you have.


If you prefer to be the resourceful type, why not choose pieces of furniture that you can use to display wholesale necklaces? A necklace display cabinet would be nice and it can save you huge space, too. Other creative ideas include a tree branch, wood displays, and even cut-outs of Hollywood movie stars.

Displaying jewelry is not only for your store, physical or online-based. Wholesale fashion rings, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale bracelets should also be displayed during trade shows, events, or even home shows. These are perfect opportunities where you can showcase the beauty of your wholesale fashion jewelry selection so it is best to be as creative and as imaginative as possible.

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