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Wholesale Jewelry Focus: Wearing a Tiara

Cerijewelry unveils a new addition to its wholesale jewelry catalogue. It’s sparkling, it’s royal and wearing it is a dream come true for many girls. Yes, ladies, Cerijewelry now offers wholesale tiaras! Gone are the days when tiaras were just for women of a royal bloodline. Today, tiaras are certified fashion pieces and any woman who wants to feel like a princess in her own right can wear and rock a tiara. Tiaras can be worn for proms, spring flings, maybe even your first Holy Communion, and of course, even on your big wedding day. If you are fashionably adventurous, you can even wear one to a formal event.

Before logging on to Cerijewelry.com to stock up on this new wholesale jewelry item, here are a few tips for donning your very own tiara.
1. Make sure your hair style is in sync with your tiara. These wholesale jewelry items usually come with a pin, or a comb to help keep it in place. But still, you have to make sure that your hair has space for it. If you are having your hair coiffed at the salon, you might as well inform them that you are planning to wear a tiara so the stylists can make the proper adjustments.

2. If you are wearing a tiara for your wedding, make sure it does not steal the spotlight away from you and your wedding gown. The tiara should be placed about three to four inches from your hair line and equidistant from both sides of your head.

3. If you’re already wearing a tiara, avoid wearing a necklace. This wholesale jewelry itemhas more than enough sparkle to for both your head and neck. You may, however, wear a ring or a bracelet. You might also consider wearing a dainty pair of earrings—avoid overkill by wearing big chandelier earrings. As for your ring, you can go for something big like a CZ gemstone ring to accentuate your tiara.