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Wholesale Jewelry Spotlight: Five Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings and How You Can Get Them for Less (PART II)

With celebrities getting engaged and filling up the newsstands nowadays, it’s nothing new that soon-to-be-brides want to have these styles for themselves. It is up to wholesale jewelry store owners to grant the wishes of the future brides by offering them the most elegant wholesale engagement rings that future couples can invest on to look like their favorite celebrities without, of course, breaking a hole in their wallets. To continue last week’s tribute to Hollywood’s Five Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings, here are your final two candidates.

Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is famous not only because, well, it’s her engagement ring, but also because of the flawless yellow diamond estimated to cost a whopping $150,000. With five-plus carats, Underwood’s engagement ring also features diamond sidestones to complete this gorgeous rock. Designed by jeweler Jonathan Arndt, this yellow diamond-centered bling is definitely to die for. Minus the sidestones, wholesale jewelry retailers can actually get this engagement ring for less. For a wholesale price of $7.40, the Wholesale Rhodium Plated Champagne CZ Ring is definitely a must-have.

If there’s one celebrity couple who can top the Kardashian-Humphries engagement ring, it’s no other than power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce themselves. The $5-million rock sported by Beyonce is reported to be 18 carats and designed by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Costing a fraction of the price, wholesale jewelry store owners can purchase the Wholesale Rhodium Plated 7.5-Carat Ring for a wholesale price of $10.35. A princess-cut clear cubic zirconia stone sits atop a rhodium-plated band, surrounded by baguette-cut CZ stones on each side.

Celebrity engagement rings are more than expensive for a vast majority of the population. Thanks to wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers, these to-die-for rings can be bought for less. Gone are the days when wholesale jewelry retailers had to scour the ends of the world just to get the wholesale engagement ringstyles as worn by our favorite Hollywood A-listers. Today, we can purchase them with just a click of a mouse and at a more affordable price. The best part? Brides-to-be will look as lovely as the stars did on their wedding day.