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Why Consider Selling Gold-Plated CZ Fashion Rings

Find out why investing in gold-plated wholesale fashion rings with cubic zirconia accents is a lucrative move.

gold-plated cz fashion ring with a heart design on a white surface

Gold-plated fashion rings with CZ accents are a popular choice for individuals who want to accessorize their outfits without breaking the bank. Cubic zirconia crystals are an affordable alternative to diamonds, while gold plating provides the look of gold at a fraction of the cost. With that said, they are an excellent option for small jewelry businesses looking to diversify their inventory. 

If you are considering investing in wholesale fashion rings with gold plating and CZ accents, this article explores the reasons it could be profitable.

There is a continuous demand for fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry has always been in high demand, and it is no different today. In fact, the total global jewelry market was valued at approximately $270 billion in 2022 and was estimated to increase by more than $60 billion by 2026. On the other hand, the zirconia market was valued at nearly $5 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 percent and is expected to reach $8.46 billion by 2029. The affordability of fashion jewelry, specifically gold-plated CZ fashion rings, makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Gold-plated CZ fashion rings are low-cost items.

Gold-plated CZ fashion rings offer high margins for jewelry businesses because they are affordable to produce, accessible, and easy to sell. Cubic zirconia stones are lab-made and cheaper than naturally mined gemstones, while gold-plating is a relatively inexpensive process, hence their affordable prices. This low cost allows small jewelry businesses to offer high-quality fashion jewelry at lower prices than traditional gold and natural crystal rings while still maintaining high margins.

These rings come in a variety of styles and designs.

As with any fashion jewelry, gold-plated CZ fashion rings come in a different styles and designs, making it easy for jewelry businesses to offer a wide selection to their customers. From classic designs to fashion-forward styles, there is a piece for everyone. Some popular types include eternity bands, stackable bands, cocktails rings, and solitaire rings. Jewelry businesses can also offer rings with unique designs, such as flower shapes, geometric shapes, or even military-designed ones.

Gold-plated CZ fashion rings make excellent gift options.

Gold-plated CZ fashion rings can also be marketed as great gift options for your customers. They are affordable, make great everyday pieces, and come in a variety of styles. You can create bundles of jewelry specifically for a demographic. For example, you can create a gold-plated CZ ring set as a graduation gift idea or a Mother’s Day gift.

These pieces are durable.

Cubic zirconia crystals are durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. These stones are also easy to care for and maintain, unlike some natural crystals that are low on the Mohs hardness scale. Gold-plating may wear off over time, but with proper care, gold-plated CZ fashion rings can last for years. This durability, coupled with affordability, is also an excellent selling point for these pieces, making them a great investment for consumers.

They can easily be sold online.

The online marketplace for fashion jewelry has been growing in recent years, with more consumers turning to online retailers for their jewelry needs. As a matter of fact, the online jewelry market size is expected to reach $36.23 billion by 2027, which is almost a hundred percent increase from 2017’s $18.15 billion. Jewelry businesses can take advantage of this and consider selling gold-plated CZ fashion rings online if they haven’t yet, and utilize social media to market these products and reach new customers.

The takeaway

Investing in gold-plated fashion rings with cubic zirconia accents offers a unique opportunity for jewelry businesses to diversify their inventory and offer high-quality fashion jewelry at affordable prices. Jewelry shops can appeal to a wide range of customers and create a unique niche for themselves in the competitive market. Taking into consideration the benefits above, gold-plated CZ fashion rings are a worthwhile investment for both jewelry businesses and customers.

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