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Why Sell Brass Fashion Rings

Here are the reasons why investing in brass wholesale fashion rings is a profitable move.

overhead shot of a persons hand puttin on a brass fashion ring

Brass jewelry may not be as popular as sterling silver or stainless steel pieces, but jewelry made of this metal makes great accessories worth investing in. When not plated with other metals, this jewelry boasts a gorgeous yellow gold sheen that exudes sophistication, class, and elegance.

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass naturally tarnishes over time, but in a good way. The result is a unique, organic look giving off that gorgeous old-world charm. With that said, they are perfect for customers who want vintage-inspired jewelry.

Here are five more reasons why investing in wholesale fashion rings made of brass is a good move for your jewelry business:

  1. Brass fashion rings are affordable.
  2. Wearing brass rings provide health benefits. 
  3. Brass rings will last for decades.
  4. Wholesale fashion rings made of brass come in various styles.
  5. Brass rings are low maintenance.
Two Tone Brass Cubic Zirconia Wedding Set
Two-Tone Brass Wedding Ring Set with Cubic Zirconia Crystals

#1 Brass fashion rings are affordable.

You can get wholesale brass rings for less than $2 per piece; that’s two to three dollars cheaper than stainless steel rings and around seven dollars cheaper than sterling silver. With that said, you can raise the prices of these beauties but still remain affordable for your budget-conscious customers.

And because they give off a classic sheen of gold, they are ideal for those who want gold jewelry but for a much lower cost.

#2 Wearing brass rings provide health benefits. 

Some say that wearing brass rings have health benefits, like improving metabolism and melanin production in the skin, the absorption of iron to the body, and help lessen the pain of arthritis. Although there is no scientific evidence for all these claims, many have said these to be true.

There may or may be no health benefits to wearing brass rings, but the fact that they serve as placebos helps people who may actually need them. Brass rings can help adjust the wearer’s mental state when dealing with a particular pain or illness. 

#3 Brass rings will last for decades.

Brass is quite durable as it has great tensile strength and will not break that easily. Aside from that, brass rings are corrosion and rust-resistant because they contain zinc and copper, which are metals that do not corrode. In some cases, aluminum is added to the mix, reinforcing its resistance to corrosion.

With proper care, brass fashion rings can last for decades and may even be passed down through generations.

#4 Wholesale fashion rings made of brass come in various styles.

Just like stainless steel and sterling silver fashion rings, brass rings are also available in a variety of designs. Brass rings don’t just come in their vintage bronze-gold look; you can find pieces in different platings. There are rings with rhodium plating and yellow gold plating, and so are two-tone ones.

Aside from the plating, there are minimalist brass rings and statement ones. Some even have crystal accents for those who prefer crystal rings. With that said, brass fashion rings can suit the many personalities of your customers.

#5 Brass rings are low maintenance.

You do not need expensive, over-the-top cleaning solutions to clean your brass rings before displaying them. You can use simple everyday ingredients found at home like mild liquid dishwashing soap, vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon or lime, and toothpaste.

These cleaning solutions are cheap and efficient, and you would only need a soft, lint-free cloth to scrub away any dirt or smudges.

The downside of brass rings

Although selling brass fashion rings has many benefits for your jewelry business, it’s also important to know the downside. Knowing this information can help you answer questions from your customers and assist them in making better purchasing decisions. Here are some of the cons of brass rings:

  • Non-hypoallergenic: Brass, unfortunately, is a non-hypoallergenic metal. With that said, make sure not to sell them to people with sensitive skin. Otherwise, wearing these rings will make their skin break out a rash, get skin discoloration, or develop a bad allergic reaction to the piece. However, this usually only happens if the brass is unfinished, meaning the ring has no plating.
  • May change color: As mentioned earlier, brass does tarnish but in a good way. Brass rings will lose their shine and begin to form a patina, a greenish layer, exuding a more vintage vibe. This won’t happen immediately, as cleaning and buffing can prevent this. So if your customers are picky about their fashion rings, are too busy to regularly clean their jewelry, and want their accessories to remain the same look and color on the day they bought them, do not offer brass rings. 

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