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3 Essential Tips on Wearing Stacked Rings

Dressing up your fingers can be really exciting. You can have it bold and catchy by wearing bold and chunky cocktail rings or you can keep it stylish with thin rings. But for those who want to take it take it to the next level wearing multiple rings at once is the best way to do it.
3 Essential Tips on Wearing Stacked Rings
When it comes to wearing jewelry, there is no right way or wrong way to do it. Putting together different ring styles, sizes and designs and making it look great together require some fashion skills. You can’t just slip on your favorite baubles without thinking about how well it can look with your outfit and with your other accessories.
So if you’re tired of thinking which one you can wear today, why not wear them all at once and see how it can instantly make your whole outfit shine. Here are some of our tips to help you own this jewelry trend.

 1. Buy different rings at a time

If you love shopping for rings as much as wearing it, this will surely be your favorite part. When thinking of stacking up your rings, buying different rings at a time can help you mix and match sizes and designs even before purchasing your jewelry. Buying jewelry in bulk can also save you lots of money, especially if you’re buying from a wholesale jewelry store online.

2. Decide on a style (or motif)

The great thing about stacking rings is that it can be done in different exciting ways that you only need to think of a theme or motif, get the appropriate rings and mix and match until you achieve perfection.
To keep it delicate and dainty, just get a couple of plain gold thin rings and midi rings and wear it on your fingers. Add variety by wearing something that has small gemstones or crystals for that whimsical look. If you want statement making stacked rings, try putting on multiple rings in different thickness and styles. Then spice it up with animal rings, epoxy rings, or spiked rings for rock chic look.

3. Color your nails to complement your stacked rings

Complete your finger party by painting your nails in cool hue that matches the theme of your stacked rings. Remember that your hands will attract a lot of attention, so remember to keep your nails clean, properly trimmed and colored the right way.
If you decided to keep your stacked rings cute and simple, you can definitely style your fingernails for added flare but if there are also too many going ons in your rings, you might want to keep it classy by painting your nails in solid colors.
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