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3 Useful Tips in Organizing Your Jewelry Inventory

Organizing wholesale jewelry inventory is one of the most common issues jewelry startups have to face. During the beginning of your jewelry business, putting your jewelry in separate boxes and listing down your jewelry on hand may be enough to keep track of things you need. But as your business grows, you might find it extra challenging to sort through your items and determine which one has to be delivered, repaired, shipped or displayed on your store or in an event.
3 Useful Tips in Organizing Your Jewelry Inventory
Failing to organize your inventory can be a big time waster and can even jeopardize the day to day operation of your business. Worse, it can even result to lost items or overstocking. Coming up with a quick system that is both easy to understand and practical is essential as you expand your jewelry operation.
1. Buy Ziploc bags in bulk
When organizing your jewelry, it’s important to look for a way to keep them safe from scratches or tarnishing. Individually wrapping your jewelry with a Ziploc is a great way to keep earrings from getting lost or necklaces from being tangled. Purchase Ziploc bags in different sizes to accommodate different kinds of wholesale fashion jewelry. For online jewelry stores, Ziploc bags can also be used when shipping items so make sure to keep it handy.
2. Develop a system on labeling your jewelry
Jewelry sellers have different ways of doing this so you can simply develop a system that will make it easier for you and your team. You can use letters and number such as B01, B02, B03 and so on for bracelets, E01, E02, E03 for earrings and N01, N02, N03 so forth for necklaces. Use the first letter to determine the kind of jewelry and any number system depending on the size of your inventory.
For small jewelry business, putting a name for each jewelry piece and putting them on alphabetical order can also work just fine. Whatever style you want to use in labeling your items, remember to keep it clear and easy to understand to avoid any confusion.
3. Use separate storage box for different types of jewelry
This is especially helpful when joining trade shows or going out of town to join charity events. Keeping your inventory organized can reduce the setup time and ensure the safety of your products. For a more structured approach in your inventory, purchase different storage box and place a specific type of jewelry on each box. If you are selling different ring styles, you can use smaller organizers to separate them by color, style or brand. Do this with all your other jewelry for easier transport or more organized stock room.
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