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4 Fun Ways to Style Tie-Dye Shirts This Summer

woman with pink and purple hair wearing a tie-due pink and purple shirt

It's summer -- the tie-dye season! Although the tie-dye trend never really left, these colorful shirts are best worn during the warm months of summer.

The bright psychedelic colors of these tie-dye shirts give off fun, feel-good vibes, making them perfect for summer vacations, beach trips, and in the near future, music festivals. But because the shirts have many colors, styling them can be pretty challenging.

If you have customers who might be looking for the best jewelry to complement their tie-dye shirts, here are some styling tips to share with them, as well as pieces from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection:

1. Match your tie-dye shirt with a cocktail ring.

 Pear Shape Sea Blue Crystal Cocktail Ring
CJE2502 Wholesale Pear Shape Sea Blue Crystal Cocktail Ring

The rainbow spiral design is the most common tie-dye shirt. Pick from one of those colors, preferably the most prominent one, and choose a cocktail ring carrying a center stone of the same color. The Pear Shape Sea Blue Crystal Cocktail Ring is perfect if the shirt has lots of teal blue splashes!

2. Wear earrings in one color.

Stainless Steel Square Violet CZ Earrings
CJE2636 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel Square Violet CZ Earrings

Because the tie-dye style is a busy pattern, your accessories should not be as "busy." The spotlight has to remain on the shirt, and your jewelry should be the supporting actors. Pick a pair of earrings that has the same color as your shirt, as with the ring, choose the most prominent one.

3. Go simple with a minimalist necklace.

 Rose Gold CZ Pave Necklace
4615-RSE Rose Gold CZ Pave Necklace

Thin, delicate necklaces are perfect for tops with eye-catching patterns. However, avoid layering them to avoid overkill. Minimalist chains or pendant-less necklaces are preferable, but you can also go with a small pendant necklace.

4. Go wild with bracelets!

Sky Blue Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelet
SB-9124 Women's Sky Blue Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelet

Because the wrists are relatively far from the shirt, bracelets do not take away the attention from the tie-dye. Go wild by wearing as many bracelets as you want. Mix and match the types -- leather, silver, and string, as well as the colors. 

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