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5 Common Online Jewelry Business Mistakes

Find out the practices of many online jewelry shops that do not contribute to their success.

woman browsing in an online shop using tablet on a table with pots of plants

In this digital age, especially in a pandemic, shifting your business online is a good move. You can easily manage your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry business remotely without having to worry about health risks.

However, some businesses new online may find getting customers a challenge. If you are one, knowing what to avoid will help with your success. Here are the five common jewelry business mistakes online:

1. Not investing enough in market research

Conducting market research is very important, and so is analyzing your target demographic. Some shops stop at the simple data they get and totally ignore the minute details. 

For example, if you exclusively sell skull rings, your target customers are most likely men who are bikers, musicians, or artists. Find out the age group these pieces appeal to the most. Data such as that will be the basis for your online marketing strategies.

2. Being contented with poor website design

Your website viewers will definitely lose interest in browsing other pages if the navigation and design are not user-friendly. That is why you have to make sure that all your links lead to the correct pages and its overall design is easy to navigate. You should also include call to action buttons and make sure they are visible.

3. Using an e-commerce website that isn't mobile-friendly

As with a good web design, mobile-friendliness also contributes to ranking your website on Google. Another reason is that the number of mobile phone users also grew as an effect of the pandemic. Many more people are shopping online using mobile devices. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, there’s a big chance that they’ll leave your site and shop elsewhere.

4. Having incomplete product descriptions

A mobile-friendly website with a beautiful aesthetic still won’t convert if it lacks important and detailed information about your brand and products. If a product listing does not have enough information, shoppers will be left to wonder if your site is legit or not. Such info includes the jewelry piece’s type of metal, plating, or type of crystals. The size and weight of the item matter too.  

5. Making your checkout process complicated

Last but not least is making your checkout process long. A highly complex checkout annoys shoppers that they just abandon their carts and shop on another site. It can be pretty annoying if you ask them to register first, as filling out a form takes a lot of time. Because of this, allow shoppers to order as a guest if they do not prefer to register on the website. The fewer clicks, the better.