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5 Reasons Why Your Jewelry Business Needs a Website

Even if your jewelry business isn't online, having a website is crucial at this time.

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Since people are now starting to leave their homes and travel again, brick-and-mortar shops are slowly opening up, including jewelry stores. Statista found that the average monthly footfall in physical stores in the U.S. grew in 2021, with an increase of almost 44 percent compared to January of that year. Although the footfall dropped in January this year, it recovered by March. 

The comeback of physical stores does not mean online stores are losing their appeal. In fact, even physical shops will still benefit from being visible online, and one way to do that is to have a website.

In this digital age, having a business website is a must. No matter the size of the jewelry business, a site can provide many benefits. Here are five reasons why creating a website for your jewelry business is an excellent investment:

  1. A website can increase foot traffic to your jewelry store.
  2. Having a website for your jewelry business will help you reach new customers.
  3. A business website builds brand credibility and customer trust.
  4. It helps increase the visibility of promotions.
  5. A website helps improve customer service.
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#1 A website can increase foot traffic to your jewelry store.

Online business listings like Yelp and Google My Business are crucial for physical store owners. They are like Yellow Pages, but online. Having profiles on these platforms will allow you to be visible to potential customers who may be searching for jewelry stores in their area. And having a link to your website on your profiles will make it easier for these people to know more about your business. If they see a link to your site, it encourages them to check out your store, knowing it is in their area.

As opposed to a simple business listing without any website or social media profiles, a listing with one will be more appealing to these potential customers.

#2 Having a website for your jewelry business will help you reach new customers.

Currently, your jewelry shop is only exposed to people around your local community. This is especially true if you do not have at least a social media profile or a social presence. With a website, your jewelry business will be able to reach new potential customers via Google and other search engines.

For example, if a user in your area, say, Pasadena, searches on Google with the keywords, “fashion rings in Pasadena,” there is a huge chance that your website will appear on the search results. Even if they search without the location, the chances of your site appearing on the results increase. So it is crucial to include relevant keywords in your website content.

#3 A business website builds brand credibility and customer trust.

And because you have better chances of appearing on search results, your brand credibility and customer trust increase. People somehow trust Google, and if potential customers see that you always appear on the results, your business will deem reliable and legitimate.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that your website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. If the site is inaccessible on mobile and has an old site interface, your target audience might be turned off and leave the site. The same is the case for quality content. If your site content makes no sense or is not informational, potential customers might think you are a scammer or a fly-by-night business.

#4 It helps increase the visibility of promotions.

Say you have in-store promotions. If you want them to be a hit among customers, you will have to go beyond promoting in-store. You can reach more people in your area who might be interested by posting about these promotions on your website in tandem with posting on your social media.

On the same note, you can also consider email marketing and send emails about your promotions. You can do this by encouraging visitors to sign up for newsletters once they visit the site. It’s an excellent and effective way to grow your email list with good potential leads.

#5 A website helps improve customer service.

Last but not least, a website can help improve customer service. As business owners, you know that excellent and unforgettable customer service turns first-time customers into repeat, loyal ones. So if you create a website, it becomes a value-added service that you can offer them. 

You can share informational content through a business website, such as jewelry care and maintenance advice, jewelry styling tips, and gift guides. You can also quickly answer inquiries and thank customers through a live chat or messaging feature.

The takeaway

Having a social and online presence indeed is very crucial for businesses today, including mom-and-pop jewelry stores. There is no need to entirely shift the business online – you can grow your business’ exposure through a professional website and social media.

As business experts would say, change is inevitable, and you should not be afraid to pivot and cater to the new demands of consumers.

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