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5 Tips for Buying Wholesale Fashion Rings

Here are some hacks for purchasing quality wholesale fashion rings for your jewelry business.

flat lay shot of wholesale fashion rings on a black ring tray

Starting a small jewelry business requires a lot of preparation. Even if it’s just one jewelry type you are selling, strategies for running the business are the same as a shop selling different kinds of wholesale fashion jewelry.

Aside from market research, being able to purchase quality wholesale fashion rings is very crucial. You should be able to work with a legit supplier so you can offer customers only the best quality of fashion rings.

Today, we share with you some tips on stocking up your inventory to avoid making the common mistakes that can lead to losing customers or, worse, bankruptcy. Here are five tips for buying wholesale fashion rings today:

  1. Look for a good wholesale fashion jewelry supplier.
  2. Always read the product descriptions.
  3. Do not make a huge first bulk purchase.
  4. Watch out for the latest jewelry trends.
  5. Be ready for the peak seasons.

#1 Look for a good wholesale fashion jewelry supplier.

We start with building your inventory unless you decide to go with a dropshipping program. Because this requires most of your business funds, you need to be careful transacting with jewelry suppliers. You can find a lot of wholesalers online, some may be legit, and some are not.

So how do you find a good wholesale fashion jewelry supplier? Always read the company's About Us section and look for reviews. A good supplier will also disclose their complete business information like physical store address, contact number, and email address. Good suppliers are usually on social media as well, so make sure to check their social media accounts.

Stay away from online wholesalers who do not have at least two things. It’s either a scam or a have bad service issues.

#2 Always read the product descriptions.

Even if you think your jewelry supplier is legit, make sure to take the time to read the product descriptions. Sometimes, there might be cases when wrong information on a particular fashion ring is entered unintentionally. If you go past this information and merely base your purchase on the photos and title, you might be purchasing rings that aren’t what they claim to be.

For example, some product listings may mention “diamond,” but it could just mean the cut ring’s crystal accent and not the crystal itself. So always read the product specification thoroughly to avoid issues.

Here are the things that you need to take note of:

  • Material or materials used to make the ring
  • Metal plating
  • Type of crystal for those with crystal accents
  • Color of the crystal
  • Ring’s face width
  • Ring’s band width
  • Sizes available
  • Weight
  • Country of origin

#3 Do not make a huge first bulk purchase.

Sure, you found a jewelry supplier that is legit, has good reviews on their website and provides complete product information on their listings. However, you should not go all out if this is the first time you are buying from them. Make a test purchase; place two to three small bulk orders to check the actual quality of the fashion rings they are offering.

Once you receive your orders, test the rings yourself. Meticulously check the quality and compare the appearance with the photos on the supplier’s website. If you are highly satisfied with your purchase, you can now put larger orders of fashion rings.

#4 Watch out for the latest jewelry trends.

It can be fun shopping for beautiful fashion rings that will look good on you. However, you should remember that you are buying for your target market, not yourself.

Consider the factors your target customers would like to see in your fashion rings along with the latest fashion trends. You can refer to the Instagram accounts of fashion influencers and big jewelry brands, as well as the fashion runways.

Basing your selection on the current or upcoming season or holidays will help too. For example, summer is all about brightly-colored, fun rings, while fall is more on warm colors reminiscent of beautiful falling leaves. The bottom line is -- you should avoid putting in a large order of outdated fashion rings that will not appeal well to your customers.

#5 Be ready for the peak seasons.

The best thing about jewelry businesses is that there are many peak seasons. Aside from the holiday season, observances such as Valentine’s Day are also gift-giving times of the year that can significantly increase sales.

With that said, always keep a calendar of holidays and observances, and market your fashion rings based on them. For example, you can feature a collection of Valentine’s Day rings as early as mid-January. Doing so not only increases anticipation but will also encourage your customers to purchase gifts now to avoid the shopping rush.

You can also take advantage of these days by giving limited discounts to “early birds.” This encourages shoppers to purchase fashion rings from your shop a few days or weeks before the actual holiday to avail of the discount.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, here are some of the gift-giving observances to prepare for:

  • Graduation season -the best pieces to sell are minimalist jewelry perfect for newly grads
  • Wedding season - usually happens in late spring to early fall, so prepare your bridal jewelry
  • Mother’s Day - basically all women’s fashion jewelry is perfect for highlighting this day
  • Father's Day - stainless steel rings, cuff links, and chain necklaces are perfect for this holiday
  • Memorial Day - military rings are perfect to offer people in the military
  • Veterans Day - same as Memorial Day

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