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5 Tips for Jewelry Businesses in The Pandemic

Keep your business thriving even during a crisis.

assorted fashion jewelry on display with blurred background

Competition is tough in the jewelry industry even before the pandemic started, and now it has become more challenging than ever. There is a higher need to break through the noise, and persuading customers to spend on a non-essential item is difficult. This is why we are sharing with you some tips on how to thrive during these tough times.

Here are ways to help your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry shop boom during a pandemic:

1. Utilize social media.

Using social media for marketing may not be a new thing for businesses, as almost everyone in this digital age owns a smartphone. However, businesses must take this even more seriously and make it a priority, as the number of mobile users rose during lockdowns and stay-at-home measures.

Jewelry businesses work well with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest because these two are perfect channels for showcasing jewelry products. So make sure to regularly upload photos and videos on IG, pin your product photos on Pinterest. and answer every query from existing customers and potential ones.

2. Create personal connections with customers.

Creating personal connections apply both to online and brick-and-mortar stores. Having relationships with your customers allows you to learn what they want and need during a pandemic when their shopping behavior has slightly changed.

Make it a goal to make them feel like VIPs by offering information they need, like tips on disinfecting jewelry and proper jewelry maintenance. Through this, the chances of customers remembering your brand increase, as well as the chance of them becoming repeat customers.

3. Create promotions.

As mentioned earlier, consumers' shopping behavior changed in the pandemic as they prioritize essential items like food and medicines over non-essential ones like jewelry. With that in mind, promotions can reignite the fire, making them consider buying or rewarding themselves with jewelry.

The classic BOGO promo can also help you sell off old jewelry stocks, as well as slow-moving items. Seasonal promos like Spring and Summer specials are quite an effective strategy as well. Make sure to announce these promotions on your social media accounts for higher exposure.

4. Be genuine.

Being ‘real’ can largely help, especially for online jewelry businesses. Instead of posting stiff product photos, post photos of actual people wearing them. These “real photos” allow potential customers to have a feel for how the jewelry piece would look in real life. Posting these kinds of images also increases customer trust, as they will feel assured the jewelry in the photo is real.

Of course, actual photos should still be uploaded together with high-quality product photos so customers can see each piece's details.

5. Write blog articles. 

Creating a blog allows you to communicate with your customers and can help you build quality links. Offer helpful tips on jewelry care and maintenance and how to style a particular jewelry design. Use your blogs to promote a new jewelry collection by highlighting them in your posts. In the pandemic, many people are interested in disinfecting their jewelry, so you can also write articles revolving around this topic.   

Once you’ve uploaded your articles, make sure to share them across all your social media accounts so more people can read them.