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5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

Celebrate Independence Day with sheer patriotism.

5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

It's July again; probably the most "American" month in the country's calendar. Barbeque pool parties overflow with juicy burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. And of course, the 4th of July -- that special day when families and friends get together and celebrate. One of the many ways to commemorate America's birthday is to show patriotism. With that said, here are five ways you can show sheer patriotism as well as make a difference on the country's special day.

Support veterans.

5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

There are many ways to support veterans. You can pay veterans in your neighborhood a visit, send them some goodies, or perform songs from their time. Coordinate with the local community and plan a program that will focus on entertaining our heroes. You can also contact organizations that support veterans and the military, and make donations.

Proudly display the flag.

5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

Displaying the country's flag is a wonderful way to show respect for the country, as well as for the men and women who fought for its freedom. Just make sure, though, that you display it correctly. If you are going to hang it from a staff projecting horizontally, the union should be placed at the side of the staff. If suspended from a rope, the flag should be hoisted out with the union first. When against the wall, the union should be at the uppermost part and to the left side. Also, do not forget to illuminate it at night if you plan to display the flag for 24 hours.

Support and visit a national park.

5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

Go to the nearest national park or historic site in your area. They are usually free, but you can make a voluntary donation. The National Parks Service will receive the proceeds, and they will continue to preserve America's parks and historic sites. Not only will you enjoy getting to know the country's natural and cultural history, but you also get to support our America.

Wear patriotic jewelry.

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Aside from wearing clothes in red, blue, and white, you can also accessorize with patriotic jewelry. Check out wholesale fashion jewelry such as rings with designs like the bald eagle and the American flag. You can also give military rings as gifts to your loved ones who are actively serving in the military or are veterans.

Visit the fire or police station.

5 Ways to Show Patriotism This 4th of July

Get to know your local heroes. And if you have kids, you can bring them with you so they'll learn the importance of the local heroes' jobs at a young age. Instilling moral values and patriotism at a young age can help develop their character, and they'll grow to have respect for the country. Also, they'll learn that these jobs don't require one to be of a certain gender; they'll know more about equality as well.