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6 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Increase sales this Halloween season with these cool and fun in-store and online promotions.

Hand With Black Fashion Ring Putting Halloween Decorations


Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best holidays of the year for us Americans. In fact, even with the pandemic looming, U.S. consumers are excited for Hallows Eve. More than half of the respondents of a 2021 Statista survey planned to hand out candy, and 46-47 percent planned to dress in costume. Plus, 58 percent of the female respondents planned to decorate their homes. The survey results prove that the spooky holiday remains alive amidst the health crisis.

In the jewelry industry, marketing this time of year is fun. Jewelry businesses can get so much inspiration from spooky pop culture, popular TV shows, and classic horror films. And aside from investing in wholesale fashion jewelry with Day of the Dead-inspired designs and decorating your store, here are some marketing ideas to get inspiration from:

  1. Participate in the Trick or Treating.
  2. Make employees dress up.
  3. Provide in-store spooky-themed incentives.
  4. Run themed online ads.
  5. Post Halloween-themed videos and photos on social media.
  6. Give discounts on seasonal products on your website.

#1 Participate in the Trick or Treating.

Even if kids are not your target audience, participating in Trick or Treating still makes sense. Your target market may be shopping with their kids, and when the little ones see you’re giving out treats, they’ll ask their parents to visit your store. Once they’re inside, they’ll naturally check out your products.

The activity will spookify the vibe in your store, especially if you invested in Halloween decorations as well. Make it more fun by giving adults spiked chocolates; just make sure not to mix them up with the kids’ treats!

#2 Make employees dress up.

The best shopping experience for any customer is one that they’ll remember for as long they live. You can achieve this by encouraging your staff members to dress up! Allow them the freedom to come to work to whatever character they want on Halloween – of course, a family-friendly costume at that, and give a special employee incentive to the best one.

Doing so will amuse your customers and create a bonding experience like no other for your employees. So forget about those boring masquerade masks or cat ear headbands — encourage a full-on costume and allow your staff’s creative juices to flow.

#3 Provide in-store spooky-themed incentives.

In-store shoppers absolutely love a promotion that they did not see coming. So for every purchase, provide a free spooky-themed freebie or an extra discount if they purchase a seasonal jewelry piece right there and then. The chances of turning down a surprise deal like this are low, so it’s definitely worth considering.

If you want to keep it simple, you can offer Halloween-themed freebies to every shopper that comes in, even if they don’t make a purchase. This simple act will make them remember your jewelry business and increase the chances of them coming back next time.

#4 Run themed online ads.

As for marketing online, setting aside a budget for ads will significantly help with increasing sales. And yes, running online ads can be very effective, even for jewelry businesses with no online stores. Halloween-themed Facebook and Google ads will help with brand awareness and increase foot traffic, especially if you target audiences in your local area. These ads can also jumpstart your holiday marketing campaigns, allowing people to be familiar with your brand even before the holiday shopping season.

Consider creating ads for various target audiences. For example, make ones specifically for those who may be interested in skull rings and another for those who might be into black-plated minimalist jewelry. Being too general with your ad demographics is not helpful at all, so be specific as much as possible.

#5 Post Halloween-themed videos and photos on social media.

By now, your jewelry store probably has a stable social media presence. You can incorporate your Halloween-inspired products into your social media posts by taking videos or photos of them with a fun and spooky Halloween theme. It’s a great way to engage your followers and encourage them to check out your products on your website, if applicable. So make sure to include the link to the product page or your Halloween jewelry collection's special landing page.

When it comes to videos, consider creating Reels and Stories. Short-form videos are a popular content type today, so it makes perfect sense to leverage them to showcase your spooky jewelry pieces. You can also offer Halloween costume styling tips, specifically highlighting jewelry that goes really well with most costumes.

#6 Give discounts on seasonal products on your website.

And finally, for jewelry shops that have e-commerce websites, consider offering website-exclusive discounts on end-of-season jewelry products. Create a separate section on your website, add a fall theme for a perfect Halloween vibe, and share the link on your social media accounts.

Another idea is to offer a limited Halloween promo code that will give shoppers a discount on the end-of-season jewelry. Create a social media post about it and include the link to the landing page. If the budget allows, you can also promote the post as an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Doing so will increase traffic to your website and online sales.

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