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6 Light Black-Plated Earrings for Halloween

These wholesale fashion jewelry pieces come in dark, mysterious colors, ideal for accessorizing Halloween outfits.

woman with skeleton face makeup looking at lighted candles


Our last article featured stainless steel skull rings for men. These pieces are ideal to highlight and market for anticipating the Day of the Dead, as many customers will be looking for accessories to match their Halloween costumes. Now we turn the spotlight to fashion jewelry perfect for the ladies or those who identify as such.

Light black-plated stainless steel jewelry is one of the best pieces to wear with dark-colored outfits or Halloween costumes. Somehow, they give off mysterious, sometimes eerie vibes, even without scary-looking designs like skulls or claws. Earrings with this metal plating, in particular, are perfect because they are very noticeable, enhance the wearer’s facial features, and complement their makeup.

So to cater to your customers looking for other pieces to accessorize their party costumes, make sure to sell these Halloween-worthy earrings. To help you build a Halloween jewelry collection, we picked six light-black plated earrings from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection:

#1 CJE2627 Light Black-Plated Multi-Color Top-Grade Crystal Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Multi-Color Top-Grade Crystal Earrings

Feminine, spooky, and mysterious are the vibes this pair exudes. The CJE2627 Light Black-Plated Multi-Color Top-Grade Crystal Earrings boasts a double cut-out heart-shaped stainless steel earring in light black plating. Multi-colored rhinestones give the pieces just the right brilliance and shine, making the pair look more eye-catching in the dark. These earrings are ideal for accessorizing typical Halloween costumes like the witch, Goth princess, and Cat Woman.

  • Wholesale price: $7.55 USD

#2 CJE2705 Light Black-Plated Violet Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Violet Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings

This next pair, Light Black-Plated Violet Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, exudes empowering, classy vibes. The pair is a hook type of earrings that are the easiest to wear and remove yet stay secure in the earlobe even with too much movement. Each piece boasts a teardrop-cut rhinestone in a regal violet color reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent color palette or The Little Mermaid’s Ursula. That said, this pair is perfect for accessorizing costumes of the mentioned antagonists, as well as The Emperor’s New Groove’s Yzma or Snow White’s The Evil Queen.

  • Wholesale price: $9.95 USD

#3 CJE2820 Light Black-Plated Montana Top-Grade Crystal Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Montana Top-Grade Crystal Earrings

The Light Black-Plated Montana Top-Grade Crystal Earrings feature Montana blue sapphire-colored rhinestones that are perfect for matching blue and gray eyes or blue Halloween costumes like Frozen’s Queen Elsa or a Na'vi from the film Avatar. Each piece boasts a light-black plated setting with a clear crystal-accented bezel and four prongs that hold the top-grade blue crystals in place. Each piece comes with push-back locks for a secure fit.

  • Wholesale price: $6.85 USD

#4 CJE2821 Light Black-Plated Amethyst Crystal Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Amethyst Crystal Earrings

The Light Black-Plated Amethyst Crystal Earrings are another hook-type pair on this list. Each piece features a hook with tiny clear crystal accents and an infinity-shaped charm that holds the round semi-precious amethyst crystal using four prongs. The infinity charm also comes with clear crystal accents that add more brilliance to this stunning pair. These earrings are perfect for virtually any Halloween costume that needs more flair and sass, like a vintage Hollywood actress or 1920s-inspired formal wear.

  • Wholesale price: $7.73 USD

#5 CJE2822 Light Black-Plated Semi-Precious Coral Stud Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Semi-Precious Coral Stud Earrings

The Light Black-Plated Semi-Precious Coral Stud Earrings feature semi-precious coral stones in an oval cut. Each crystal is held up by four prongs in the middle of two layers of light-black plated stainless steel. Both layers boast tiny clear round crystals making the pair a brilliant addition to any Halloween outfit. But because the coral crystals have that fleshy tone, these earrings are perfect for ghastly mummy or zombie costumes with exposed flesh.

  • Wholesale price: $9.65 USD

#6 CJE2785 Light Black-Plated Multi-Color AAA Grade CZ Earrings

 Light Black-Plated Multi-Color AAA Grade CZ Earrings

The Light Black-Plated Multi-Color AAA Grade CZ Earrings are drop stud earrings that come with a bang. They boast multi-color triple-A grade cubic zirconia crystals in different shapes and sizes. Most of the stones’ colors are cool, so these earrings are ideal for matching Halloween costumes in cool colors. Some of those include Frozen’s Elsa, Beauty and The Beast’s Belle, and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

  • Wholesale price: $14.15 USD


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