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6 Ways to Increase Your Jewelry Sales Online

6 Ways to Increase Your Jewelry Sales Online

Most retailers have found the power of online marketing post-pandemic. BigCommerce.com reported that 22% of global retail sales will be coming from online sales by 2023. Our online wholesale fashion jewelry store, for example, brings a lot of sales. If you want to start your online marketing efforts for your business, here are 6 tips to increase your jewelry sales online.

1 - Keep up with jewelry trends.

The most effective way of making sure that your jewelry business continues to be profitable is by keeping up with the latest trends. You need to know what’s hot in the market and offer those jewelry trends to your customers. It will keep your existing customers back to your online store. It will also give them the impression that your brand is constantly updated with the latest trends.

Offering jewelry trends will also bring new customers to your online store. Just make sure that when featuring the latest jewelry trends, promote and advertise them properly in your online store.

2 - Take high-quality photos.

Displaying high-quality photos of your jewelry products is more likely to attract customers. Keep in mind that quality photos of products are highly essential to the appearance of your product pages or product listings. High-quality images create a better overall visual appeal.

Plus, there is no better way to showcase your products other than using great photos of your products. It can capture your customers’ attention and help them better imagine how the product will look on them.

3 - Write an engaging product description.

 The most common mistake online jewelry resellers make is to use the product description handed to them by their supplier. To sell more jewelry online, you need to present a more engaging product description to drive customers to buy your jewelry.

When it comes to product descriptions, remember to write for your target audience. Also, don’t forget to make your product description easy to read and comprehend by your website visitors. The best tip is to hire a professional copywriter to write your product descriptions. 

4 - Use social media channels to promote your jewelry.

Social media can let you reach more audiences interested in your products. The best channels to promote your products are Instagram and Facebook. By uploading your jewelry products with lifestyle photos with quality content, you can engage with your target audience, which can turn into customers.

Using social media in your online marketing will also help increase your brand awareness. Most online consumers also turn to social media channels to check a brand’s credibility. It also supports your other online marketing strategies.

5 - Advertise your products.

If you want to get more sales, you need all the help you can get to showcase your products online. The fastest way to do so is by using paid advertising. You can use Google Ads to drive traffic and sales to your website and back it up with Google Shopping to display your jewelry as listings in their search results.

You can also use social media ads to further help your brand’s visibility. These ads can help show your brand and posts to target customers interested in what you have to offer. Thus, they can get qualified leads that can convert them to sales.

6 - Work with social media influencers.

Another way to market your products correctly is to ask for the help of social media influencers. According to a report published by Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of online consumers depend on influencer recommendations. Shoppers trust the recommendations of the influencers they follow and are likely to buy the products they promote on their social media channels.

Influencer marketing is also most effective for building relationships with customers. In fact, 51% of marketers stated that influencer marketing has helped them acquire better customers than any other marketing strategy.


With these marketing tips, we hope you will be able to further increase your jewelry sales online. While if you’re looking to expand your jewelry products, we can help you without spending money on your inventory costs. CeriJewelry offers a dropshipping program you have to check out.

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