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7 Tips for Jewelry Shops This Holiday Season

Here are a few tips for jewelry businesses with physical stores to successfully convert casually browsing people into new customers.

photo of a busy mall during the holidays
This holiday season is going to be busy for retail jewelry stores!

It’s that time of year again when every retail store, regardless of industry, is busy. As competition gets more challenging, businesses try their very best to keep their target customers’ attention. Lucky for jewelry businesses, jewelry items make the best presents, so this is also the peak season for this industry.

In fact, this has been proven by Statista’s survey and found that jewelry store sales in the country tend to peak in December every year, often more than double those of any other month.

However, there will always be people who will come into the store, quickly browse the shelves, and then leave without purchasing anything. The challenge here is how to keep those people inside your store long enough for them to actually make a purchase decision.

To prevent walk-in customers from leaving to check out your competition, here are a few tips on how to convert them to actual customers:

  1. Give off welcoming vibes!
  2. Avoid becoming judgmental.
  3. Know all your jewelry products for sale.
  4. Know your customers.
  5. Provide customers with useful information.
  6. Run promotions.
  7. Be genuinely thankful for your customers’ purchases.

#1 Give off welcoming vibes!

Every time a person enters the store, make it a habit to greet them with a genuine smile. If they respond with one, try asking a question and making small talk. However, if you think they are not in the mood for a conversation, allow them to shop and be immediately available whenever they have questions.

Aside from being welcoming, there are other things you can do to make them linger in your shop:

  • Play some upbeat music in the background. Make sure it is not too loud, nor is it too soft. One way to check if the volume is perfect is if you are able to hear your voice and other people's at the other side of the store.
  • Lighting has to be perfect. Bright spotlights should only be directed to the jewelry items and not in the open area. Go for warm lighting for that homey vibe.
  • Provide them with some olfactory goodness. To level up your customers' shopping experience, consider using a scent diffuser. However, make sure the scent isn't too powerful that it might give you and your customers a splitting headache.

#2 Avoid becoming judgmental.

Let's be honest. Sometimes we can be judgmental of people who come into the store. Just because a person is not dressed up nicely does not mean they cannot afford to buy jewelry. The same is the case with people of color; your staff members may judge them too quickly and ignore them instead of assisting.

Train your staff to be more accommodating to customers. They should assist people who browse inside your store regardless of looks, age, gender, and race. 

#3 Know all your jewelry products for sale.

It’s a big no-no as a retail or wholesale fashion jewelry store if you or your staff are not knowledgeable enough about the items you are selling.

This is very crucial for staff members, as potential customers would ask about the pieces before purchasing. Train your staff to be confident salespeople and to be honest about your products. Never allow your staff members to claim a fashion ring having a natural crystal when the gem is lab-made.

#4 Know your customers.

It is also crucial for you to know who your customers are. What pieces do they want to see in your store? Do they like to see more jewelry bundles? Are they fans of minimalist fashion rings? These are some of the information you should know as a jewelry business.

You can review past purchases and base your future inventory shopping on the data that you get. You can also hold surveys in exchange for a discount on their next purchase to ensure you get honest customer feedback. 

#5 Provide customers with useful information.

Sharing is caring! And this also applies to retail stores such as yours. Similar to online marketing, sharing helpful, relevant information to walk-in customers will encourage them to check out your other products. 

You can do this by casually having small talk with the customers. However, avoid pushing them to purchase a particular item. If you are understaffed, you can put up small signs near your jewelry display containing helpful info or use digital signage. The latter is perfect for playing promotional videos on loop, especially if your shop has a modern theme.

#6 Run promotions.

Promotions and freebies effectively keep customers excited. If you hold in-store promotions, these first-time customers will keep coming back for more.

Some best examples of in-store promotions include:

  • Jewelry bundles at lower prices
  • Partnering with another store and offering particular products at a discounted price.
  • Giving away slightly imperfect jewelry pieces as freebies

#7 Be genuinely thankful for your customers’ purchases.

Lastly, always remember to appreciate your customers. Thank them for every purchase with a genuine smile. Wrapping their purchase in beautiful, preferably biodegradable packaging is also a great way to show customer appreciation.

On the same note, your excellent customer service should go beyond their actual purchase. Let them know that they can contact you whenever a problem concerning the jewelry arises.

The takeaway

Competition may be tougher than ever during the holiday season, but with a few marketing tricks, you can rise above them. Genuine care and appreciation for customers are plus points, so make sure to train your staff to be helpful, outgoing, and welcoming.

Note that some customers may prefer to browse jewelry alone as they feel awkward with someone watching them. Be mindful of that, but be on standby in case they may have questions.


Which of these tips have you done and have proven effective for your jewelry store? Share your stories, suggestions, or whatever you have in mind below. We love to hear from you!