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7 Ways to Make Mom Feel More Loved on Mother's Day

Along with some thoughtful gestures, give her something that will make her remember you, even when you're miles apart.

Mother's Day is coming up and what better way to honor your mom than doing something special for her. Although making her feel loved is a given, making her feel more loved on her day is a must. Mothers are heroes who never fail to put themselves aside for their children. With that said, here are seven gestures you can try that are guaranteed to make her feel extra special.

1. A letter

A love letter for Mom

Letters in this digital age seem to be non-existent. Make her reminisce the good old days when sending love letters were the only way to communicate with your loved ones who are miles away. And whether you live in the same home or not, a Mother's Day letter where your pour all your feelings and appreciation for her would be a perfect, priceless present.

TIP: Include a photo of you two from ages ago. Your mother would love to remember those times when you always go to her for comfort.

2. Spa date

Spa date with Mom

Schedule a spa day for the two of you. Nothing beats a spa session for a tired mind and soul. She will appreciate the pampering and the relaxing feeling these services give. Get her nails done, get her a body massage, and even a sauna. This is a perfect way to bond with your mother

TIP: You can go to the salon right after pampering! Give her a makeover; you can opt to do it yourself, or in a salon.

3. Movie date

Movie date with Mom

Who says movie dates are only for couples? Enjoy a new film together and enjoy talking about the plot after. Make her feel like a kid enjoying a movie with a BFF. Choose movies that you both like or something that hits the heartstrings.

TIP: Roleplay! Pretend that you and your mom just skipped school to watch a movie. Buy popcorn and pretend sneaking out of "school" a.k.a the house.

4. Custom goodie baskets

Custom goodie basket for Mom

You probably know what your mom's favorites are. Buy her things you know she loves and put them all in a gift basket. These could be her favorite coffee or tea, favorite snacks and pastries, and even toiletries such as her favorite shampoo, soap, and lotion. Just make sure you have two baskets to separate the two, so the food won't smell like soap.

TIP: Include funny pictures of you two; put them in frames or a DIY collage.

5. Flowers

Bouquet of flowers for Mom

Cliche, yes, but let's be honest, moms, women in general, love receiving flowers! Have a bouquet custom made for her which should include all her favorite flowers. If she doesn't have one, choose her and your birth flowers.

TIP: Don't forget to include a short but heartfelt note to go with the bouquet.

6. A New Pet

A new pet for Mom

Pets are perfect companions, especially for kids and older people! This is great if your mom, and dad for that matter, is in the empty nest phase. A pet dog or cat will keep them company and will automatically be their new babies. Pets are also known to be stress-relievers so it's one of the best things you can give your mom.

TIP: Place the puppy or kitten in a surprise gift box so she won't suspect that it's a cute little pet!

7. Fashion jewelry

[caption id="attachment_2017" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wholesale Aquamarine Jewelry Pieces from Ceri Jewelry Know your Mom's birthstone and get her gemstone jewelry.[/caption]

Make her remember you even when you're not together by giving her fashion jewelry pieces. Pick designs that symbolize that special bond you two have. The favorites are infinity charms and pendants, as well as heart charms and pendants.

TIP: Buy her a complete set which she can proudly wear every day or even in parties. Pick from our vast array of wholesale fashion jewelry at our shop!


What do you plan on giving your mom on Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments below!