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8 Black Friday Jewelry Marketing Ideas This 2022

Here are ways to boost your online sales this coming holiday shopping season.


Time does fly fast; the holiday shopping season is nearing again. As we know, it’s a peak season for jewelry businesses, because jewelry makes the best gifts for basically anyone. But did you know that you can fire up your sales more?

Aside from investing in only the best and highest quality of wholesale fashion jewelry, consider the following online marketing strategies this Black Friday:

  1. Focus on social media marketing.
  2. Consider an email marketing campaign.
  3. Deploy video marketing strategies.
  4. Optimize your e-commerce website.
  5. Create a holiday jewelry gift guide.
  6. Install a chatbot on your site.
  7. Give holiday freebies.
  8. Highlight free returns and exchanges.

#1 Focus on social media marketing.

Some shoppers plan to do their Christmas shopping early because of early bird Black Friday sales. Take advantage of this and focus marketing on social media. You can add some thrill and build anticipation by posting about mystery promotions a few days before running them.

In addition, social media is a great place to engage with your customers. Make sure to answer any questions about your Black Friday sales and other promotions. Ignoring them will make them look elsewhere, so never ignore any comments or messages!

#2 Consider an email marketing campaign.

Black Friday email marketing campaigns encourage customers to take action. When they read your email about exciting jewelry holiday promotions, they will likely click on the link to your site, increasing the chances of conversions. These warm-up emails are best sent weeks before Black Friday, so it should include teasers like mystery promotions and flash sales.

Another campaign is for those who abandoned their carts. A day before Black Friday, email shoppers who have left items in their carts to encourage them to check out their orders. Finally, consider sending Thank You emails to customers who have purchased during the holiday shopping season.

#3 Deploy video marketing strategies.

Video is the best type of content today because it can present information quickly and, at the same time, entertain. Video ads are very effective in marketing jewelry, especially if you show them in action and portray how they look good in real life.

The best video topics that you can try include the following:

  • Teaser Black Friday sales without actually showing the price to increase curiosity
  • Holiday jewelry style guide for men and women
  • Thank You video to loyal customers to encourage new customers to try out your products 

#4 Optimize your e-commerce website.

All e-commerce websites will be working hard to rank high on Google’s search results during the Black Friday season. So it makes perfect sense to do everything in your power to vie for a spot and not miss out! A good way to do this is to optimize your website content for Black Friday.

Shoppers would probably use the keywords “jewelry gifts for men” or “fashion rings” when looking for gifts. Add such keywords (of course, it would depend on what you are selling) in your content, especially on the landing page specially made for Black Friday jewelry promotions. Make sure it sounds or reads natural, and avoid adding too many keywords.

#5 Create a holiday jewelry gift guide.

Shoppers love gift guides! It makes shopping for gifts much easier and faster, saving them time. Create separate landing pages for different gift guides with straightforward compelling titles like “Best Gifts For Her” or “Best Gifts For Stylish Friends.”

You can also use these holiday landing pages for your social media ads to make it easier for you to sell them off. Of course, these ads will definitely drive traffic to your e-commerce website and generate excitement and anticipation for your customers.

#6 Install a chatbot on your site.

The holiday shopping season is, without a doubt, the busiest time for jewelry businesses, so the number of customer inquiries sure will increase. Chatbots will allow you to provide customer support much easier and make sure the customers’ needs are met immediately.

Chatbots will streamline your customer service if you do not have the time to answer every question. They can handle the basic FAQs, and if there are other questions, a customer service representative can take over. Chatbots are very helpful during the busy holiday shopping season, allowing your staff to focus on other matters.

#7 Give holiday freebies.

Everyone loves freebies because it gives the feeling of being rewarded and appreciated. Mentioning that you’re giving away a free jewelry piece or a fashion-related item when they reach a certain amount of purchase will urge them to buy more than they planned.

And since it’s the holiday season, you can give seasonal jewelry pieces. They do not have to be slow-moving pieces; as long as it’s something your customers would actually want, that’s good. You can also consider genderfluid pieces like pendants instead of going for earrings and bracelets, which generally have feminine designs. On the same note, other items like jewelry boxes or tote bags with your brand logo are great freebie ideas too.

#8 Highlight free returns and exchanges. 

Excellent customer service is utterly crucial for every business. A jewelry business that goes above and beyond will be very much appreciated by customers, and they’ll recommend them to friends and family. One good example is to make returns and exchanges free.

Shoppers are likely shopping in a hurry during the holiday season, and there’s a chance they might get the wrong ring size or design. Allowing free returns and exchanges will make the shopping less stressful for them, and they are more likely to buy again from your shop. In addition, this perk also allows new customers to shop in confidence on your site in case they’re worried about getting scammed.

For more jewelry business tips, check out more articles in this blog. As for wholesale fashion jewelry for your Black Friday inventory, browse our collections at CeriJewelry.com.