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8 New Fashion Jewelry Pieces to Sell This Fall 2017

Stock up your fall inventory with these warm-colored wholesale fashion jewelry pieces.

Warm, deep and muted tones are the colors of autumn. As we make the transition from summer to fall, it's time to get ready for a new set of jewelry inventory. And if you're looking for new pieces to stock up on, fret not, as here are a few suggestions from our New Arrivals that you can sell to your customers this pumpkin season.

Coffee Simple Knot Ring

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Coffee Simple Knot Ring

The Coffee Simple Knot Ring is a lovely minimalist piece with just the right amount of sparkle your female customers would love. It's made of stainless steel and is IP coffee-plated. It features clear rhinestones atop the knot design. This piece is perfect as either a standalone piece or worn together with other thin rings.

Coffee Cuff Earrings

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Coffee Cuff Earrings

If you want to sell a matching pair of earrings for your Coffee Simple Knot Ring for your customers, then offer them the Coffee Cuff Earrings. It has the same design as the ring except that is has sharper edges. The pair is also made of stainless steel and IP coffee-plated for that warm tone. Clear rhinestones adorn the outer sides of the cuff for the perfect sparkle.

Amethyst AAA Grade CZ Fashion Ring

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Black Amethyst AAA Grade CZ Fashion RIng

Purple may not be one of the colors of autumn leaves, but this hue is definitely one of the warm colors perfect for the season. The Amethyst AAA Grade CZ Fashion Ring boasts five stones which include two clear rectangular stones, two dark violet round stones, and the lovely amethyst marquise-cut center CZ stone. These gems stand out from the IP black-plated stainless steel band, making it a perfect evening jewelry piece.

Violet Rhinestone Tear Drop Earrings

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Violet Rhinestone Tear Drop Earrings

The Violet Rhinestone Tear Drop Earrings is perfect to match with the Amethyst Fashion Ring as both possess the deep warm colors of purple. These stainless steel hook earrings are IP light-black plated that complements the color of the rhinestone. The amethyst rhinestones are pear-shaped which allows for a better framing of the face. Although this color looks gorgeous for evening wear, these earrings look as beautiful when worn during the day as well.

Circle Cuff Bracelet

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Circle Cuff Bracelet

As with purple, sapphire is a gorgeous deep and warm color. This Circle Cuff Bracelet's colors make it a perfect autumn piece. This stainless steel bangle boasts a clear rhinestone-studded 24 mm-wide circle adorned with two lovely synthetic sapphire stones on each side. The Circle Cuff Bracelet is a minimalist piece that will look great on women of any age.

Coffee Pink Rhinestone Ring

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Coffee Pink Rhinestone Ring

The Coffee Pink Rhinestone Ring is one lovely minimalist piece that screams autumn! This stainless steel ring boasts pretty rhinestones forming a flower. The IP coffee-plated band also has a unique design that mimics a stem that will catch anyone's attention. It's also perfect either as a stand alone piece or worn with other thin stackable rings.

Synthetic Onyx Oval Ring

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Synthetic Onyx Oval Ring

As for your male customers, the Synthetic Onyx Oval Ring is the perfect autumn piece. It has the colors of the season -- brown, yellow and black. The ring is made of stainless steel and boasts an oval-shaped jet-colored stone that looks so much like an onyx crystal. Two rows of smaller clear stones adorn each side of the ring, forming straight lines.

Black X Ring

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Black X Ring

The Black X Ring features a more modern and trendy design your younger male customers would love to wear. This stainless steel ring features a unique design; six rows of metal ropes connected together by three big Xs. The center X features dot accents that look as though it's studded with clear crystals. It's a fashion piece perfect for your fashionista male customers.


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