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A Woman's Guide to Wearing Cocktail Rings

A woman’s guide to wearing cocktail rings by Ceri Jewelry

It's no doubt that women love wearing rings as a fashion statement. Cocktail rings, in particular, are still one of the favorite styles, even with the advent of minimalist layered rings. These rings are larger and chunkier than most rings and have that bold, edgy vibe. Cocktail rings are also usually studded with colorful stones and are made from different kinds of precious metals.

Cocktail rings are typically worn just as a single statement piece. But there is so much to know about these rings than just a standalone fashion ring. Without further ado, here's a guide on how to wear these gorgeous ring ornaments.



Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Cocktail Rings as Standalone Rings

As previously said, cocktail rings are usually worn as a standalone piece. Rings that have a huge center stone with smaller stones at the sides are the ideal ones if you prefer to follow that unwritten fashion rule. Choose a ring with a gemstone of the same color as your wardrobe. What's great about these type of cocktail rings is that they are ideal to wear on any occasion.

Remember, however, that the ring should not clash with the design of your clothes. Wear a solid colored ring when dressing in a floral dress, or something plaid or anything that has patterns. On the other hand, cocktail rings with different colors of gemstones look great with a plain shirt or dress.


Wear Multiple Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Cocktail Rings

Don't be afraid to wear more than one ring. If your cocktail rings are not as large as the standalone pieces, wearing two or three in one hand is totally fine! It's also good to match their colors, but do experiment from time to time. One good tip for this is to wear rings of different textures. Just remember that they still need to complement each other.

If you're planning to wear three or more, choose one with a unique design that will serve as a conversation piece. The other two cocktail rings will be like the supporting pieces and hence should still complement the main ring.


Long fingers

Wholesale IP Light Black Stainless Steel Light Rose Crystal Cocktail Ring

Any kind of cocktail ring is perfect for the ladies with long, slender fingers. Pick those with the widest bands and with huge center stones as they tend to accentuate the length of your fingers.

Short fingers

Wholesale Stainless Steel White Precious Conch Ip Gold Ring

Ladies with short fingers should be careful about the size of cocktail rings they want to wear. Pick ones with smaller stones and have thin to medium-sized bands. If you prefer a ring with a center stone, choose ones with stones in these cuts -- marquise, oval, and pear.

Wide fingers

Jet IP Gold Plated Cocktail Ring

One cocktail ring worn with minimalist layered rings are perfect for ladies with wide fingers. Cocktail rings with large center stones also tend to make chubby fingers look slender. Be careful with choosing the stone cuts, though, choose round-cut stones set on wider bands.

Slim fingers

Wholesale Aquamarine Cushion Cut Top Grade Crystal High Polished Stainless Steel Womens Fashion Ring

Cocktail rings with smaller center stones or those with no center stone at all are perfect for the ladies with thin fingers. Wearing rings with huge center stones give the illusion of making fingers look slimmer, so this is the type you shouldn't wear. As for the width of the ring, choose bands that are not too thin and are not too wide.


Offer your customers a wide array cocktail rings segregated according to the style guide above. For more wholesale fashion jewelry pieces, feel free to browse the shop!