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Best Engagement Rings for Fall Proposals

  • by admin
  • 1 min read

Offer these types of engagement rings perfect for autumn proposals.

Fall is a good season for wedding proposals. The falling leaves and chilly air makes everyone feel so snuggly and romantic. As a jewelry business, offering engagement rings along with trendy seasonal jewelry during this time of the year is a must.

Get to stand out from the competition who might also be highlighting their engagement rings this season -- offer non-conventional fall-inspired pieces. Keep those silver or gold prong-set solitaire rings in your inventory in the meantime; here are some suggestions which you can all find in our wholesale fashion rings collection:

Brown-Plated Engagement Rings

Brown is the perfect fall color. It's a warm tone, it reminds of pumpkin spice or chocolate, and very unique. The best feature of brown-plated rings is that they look good on any skin tone. 

Dark Crystal Engagement Rings

If you have customers who still prefer the classic silver or gold-tone band, offer ones that have dark-colored center stones. These pieces are subtly eye-catching and quite unique.

Black Engagement Rings

An even more unique take on a traditional engagement ring is black-plated bands. Customers who prefer to give their other halves a truly non-conventional piece would love this type of rings.

No-Stone Engagement Rings

The typical design of engagement rings is usually prong-set solitaire pieces. Offer something out of the ordinary -- sell rings without stones in them as a minimalist non-traditional engagement rings. 


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