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Choosing the Perfect Wholesale Jewelry Supplier for Your Business

As the economy continues to be in the doldrums, the wholesale jewelry business continues to thrive. The budget-conscious fashionista has found a solution to looking glam despite the recession with diamond substitutes such as CZ and Swarovski jewelry. It is imperative to find the perfect wholesale jewelry supplier.

Below are some points to consider in choosing your wholesale jewelry supplier:
  1. Research. The internet provides directories and business-to-business sites containing wholesale jewelry stores. Opt for wholesale jewelry suppliers that provide their company information and contact details, as these add up to their credibility and give you a peace of mind that they are a legitimate business entity.

  2. Dig for Information. Research on feedbacks from current clients and past clients as well. Know why past clients changed their supplier and why existing clients continue to do business with them. It is also important to know the company’s business practices such as how they handle returns, their sales, shipping, payment policies, and other customer concerns that may arise in the process. Know their reputation.  

  3. Products. Check out the wholesale jewelry selection of the supplier. Make sure you have access to a wide range of styles, metals, and gems to capture the interests of a variety of customers. Additionally, go for wholesale jewelry suppliers that have both classic jewelry as well as trendy fashion jewelry pieces Suppliers that constantly keep up with the ever-changing jewelry trends allow you to grow and satisfy your customer base.

  4. Wholesale Price. Look for a wholesale jewelry supplier that offers low wholesale prices that would allow you to have a reasonable mark-up. Also, all wholesalers require a minimum order. If you are a start-up jewelry reseller, opt for wholesale jewelry suppliers with low minimum order rate. This allows you to maximize your capital and avoid over-stocking as well.

  5. Lastly, look at different wholesale jewelry suppliers. Compare their prices, shipping costs, product offerings, and the like. Thoroughly investigate them before choosing the perfect one to work with. A little patience and research will allow you to have the best goods at the best possible price.