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Creative Ways to Display Men's Jewelry

Appeal more to your male customers with these display tips.

[caption id="attachment_2848" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Creative Ways to Display Men's Jewelry | Ceri Jewelry Source: Recycledpalletideas.com[/caption]
Source: Recycledpalletideas.com

Jewelry shops, if you notice, have displays that would attract women's attention; with their elegant decors and pastel colors, any woman would be interested in checking out the products. However, only a few shops have displays made especially for men. If you sell wholesale fashion jewelry pieces for men, then it's best to redecorate your display and turn it into something the male species would be interested to see. With that said, here are five men's jewelry display tips to get you more customers.


[caption id="attachment_2849" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Minimalist for elegant jewelry shop | Ceri Jewelry Source: Retaildesignblog.com[/caption]

Minimalism, no doubt, is the best type of display for any jewelry shop. Be more appealing to your customers by making it more look men-centric. Instead of going for the usual white walls and dark accent colors, go with darker colored walls and brighten up your pieces with spotlights. The dark walls give the shop a mysterious look, something men would prefer to see inside a jewelry shop. As for the floors, you can go with either dark or light-colored tiles, just as long as the walls and floor complement each other.

Avoid putting a lot of furniture; men do not need couches or accent chairs to sit and relax because they only spend a short time shopping.


[caption id="attachment_2850" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Rustic for earthy and rugged jewelry shop | Ceri Jewelry Source: Rusticdecor.org[/caption]

Rustic is all about earthy tones like mud brown, pine green, and stone grey which are manly colors. You have leather, dark woods, and non-shiny metals. Think a lumberjack's cabin in the middle of the woods. Handyman tools and DIY displays are perfect for this theme. Mount a deer head on the wall that doubles as a necklace holder. A rustic display exudes utter machismo and is guaranteed to attract your male customers. Make the experience even more unforgettable by setting up a scent machine with a woody or green, leafy fragrance.

Place only a few pieces of furniture like a rustic leather ottoman or a wooden bench and add accents like a bear rug and slabs of wood.


[caption id="attachment_2851" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Steampunk ambiance is more rugged and machinery type look | Ceri Jewelry Source: Etsy.com[/caption]

Steampunk may appeal to both sexes, so you have to be picky on what decors and accents to add to your display. Instead of metal corsets and peacock feathers as display, go for custom guitars made with a steampunk design and metal gears that would look great mounted on the walls. Vintage maps are perfect, as well as old treasure chests and jewelry boxes. Go for the browns, blacks, and bronzes for your walls, floors, and other decors. You can also turn an old terrestrial globe into a ring display for your military and masonic rings.

As for other decor, you can also go with sepia photos, anatomical drawings, framed herbariums, and antique stuff like telescopes and typewriters.


Now you got a very manly display, how about your items for sale? If you need to restock on men's jewelry, shop for pieces at Cerijewelry.com.