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Fashion rings to stock up on

Wedding statistics in 2005 have stated that 2.3 million couples wed every year. This means about 6,200 weddings were happening each day in the US. Numbers most likely increased more than ten years after, especially now that same-sex marriages are now legal in some states. That said, the perfect type of rings to stock up on are engagement rings and wedding rings.

Wholesale fashion jewelry retailers then should focus on these two kinds. Some couples now opt for budget fashion jewelry pieces, instead of pricey, luxury bands. Couples today would rather use the money for something else, like a luxurious honeymoon, or for baby funds.

That said, here are some of our engagement and wedding rings suggestions which you may want to add to your inventory.

Two-tone ring set for women

two tone wholesale fashion jewelry stainless steel set

These rings are a stunning set of rings any woman would be delighted to wear! The gold-plated band is stainless steel with an AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia clear stone at the center. The other ring, on the other hand, is studded with clear Cubic Zirconia stones with two black lines, making it a unique design. These two black lines may signify equality as well.

Wave design band for men

Wholesale fashion jewelry wave band

This band matches the two-tone set for women above. The stainless steel ring has a unique jet epoxy wave design, ideal for men who consider themselves a thalassophile - a lover of the sea. And yes, this is a perfect choice for those who plan to have beach weddings.

Light coffee olivine stone ring set for women

Wholesale fashion jewelry womens coffee olivine

Another unconventional design, the stainless steel rings are IP Coffee light-plated. The main ring has an AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia olivine center stone. The Marquise cut stone adds to the ring's unique elegance.

Stainless steel CZ band for men

wholesale fashion jewelry mens cz band

This high polished stainless steel band is more on the traditional side. Perfect for minimalists, it has a clear AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia in the center. The design may be minimal, but this wedding band exudes utter elegance and sophistication.

Having a happy, memorable wedding doesn't mean couples have to spend an exorbitant amount. It's always wise to go for the less pricey alternative, but with the same great quality.

Check out more of the stunning pieces in the shop for more inventory ideas!