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Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Call it cheesy or corny, but Valentine’s day is still one of the most anticipated holidays annually. This is especially true for businesses involved in wholesale fashion rings and other jewelry, as anything shiny and sparkly is almost always immediately associated with grand gestures of love and romance by most consumers. This coming Valentine’s day, here are some promotions you can run to get your buyers in the mood for love:

Couple Deals

What’s Valentine’s day but a celebration of couples’ love and adoration for one another? Exchanging gifts is very common, and getting matching sets of everything only amps up the romance. Get on this trend by offering discounts for any purchase of a set of two, or take it a step further by highlighting your pieces by twos, offering rings or bracelets which are already each other’s perfect pair.

Treat Yourself

Valentine’s is a celebration of all kinds of love - self-love included. A little inclusivity never hurt anybody, so a promotion that will not alienate customers who aren’t coupled-up is always a good idea. Highlight lavish, ornate pieces that scream “feeling myself” to attract buyers who may not be looking to buy for someone else, but can never say no to a little treat for themselves.

Paint the Town Red

There is no doubt that red, the color of passion and courage, takes center stage come Valentine’s day. So why not highlight that in your jewelry collection, too? Have specials on red or pink-colored jewelry. As these traditionally symbolize love and romance, red and similar colored pieces will be a sure hit this season.