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Gift Ideas for November Birthday Celebrants

Birthstones are an easy reference when thinking of gifts to give someone celebrating their birthday. Traditionally, birthstones trace their origins in the Bible’s Old Testament, specifically the high priest Aaron’s breastplate. It was said to contain twelve different gemstones to symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. In recent times, these precious stones have been assigned to signify each of the twelve months of the year, which we now commonly refer to as birthstones.

For November, birthday celebrants can pick from not just one, but two birthstones – topaz and citrine. Both topaz and citrine feature warm, yellow tones that are perfect for autumn. Celebrate November birthdays (and fall!) with these wholesale fashion rings featuring this month’s birthstones:


Citrine is typically yellow in color, giving off warm and bright energy. It is believed to carry the power of the sun, radiating comfort and life. Citrine is also said to aid in mental clarity and visualization.

CJE2162 Citrine Yellow CZ Cocktail Ring

All eyes are on this statement piece with citrine as the main event, set in an exquisite stainless steel band.

CJE1820 Pear Shaped Yellow & Citrine CZ Ring

Feature the lovely colors of fall with this dual CZ stoned ring featuring pear-shaped citrine

CJE2173 Wholesale Yellow CZ Gold Plated Ring

Go for a combo of yellow gold and citrine cubic zirconia for a timeless, classic look


In its purest form, topaz is of a golden brown to yellow color, making this November gemstone a perfect fit for fall. Tracing its roots from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning fire, topaz is also associated with bright, life-giving energy. With other varieties in red and blue, topaz remains to be among the most popular gemstones, symbolizing sweetness and positive disposition.

CJE2783 Wholesale Topaz Crystal Two Tone IP Black Stainless Steel Ring

A black band accentuated by yellow topaz makes for a stunning ring, which is exactly what this piece is about

CJE2251 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Gold Link Ring

Understated and unique, this ring features a classic infinity loop adorned by two-toned crystals, set in a yellow stainless steel plated band.