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Handling Customer Complaints in Your Jewelry Store

You've worried enough about the delivery of your inventory; you were done restocking the display cases and planning the promo for the coming holiday. Then someone steps in your store with that unsatisfied look. In just a blink of an eye, something that started to be a simple complaint instantly blown out of proportion.

As a wholesale jewelry store owner, what will you do next? Breathe in. Breathe out. This situation calls for clearer mind. While this may look troublesome at the start, it’s a great opportunity to hear out your customer and see how well you can handle a bad situation.

Here are some things you should remember when handling customer complaints in your jewelry store.

1.Don’t take it personally

You may hear ugly words about your products, or the way your staff works, but it’s best not to take it personally. They may be mean or aggressive, but most of the times, they only need to be heard and understood.

2.Don’t make excuses


Frankly, that’s the last thing they would like to hear from you. Listen to them without saying to cover your faults or worse, turn the blame on them. It’s enough for you to listen and be empathetic and positive. When they calm down, they will surely admire how you handle the most difficult situation as a wholesale jewelry seller.

3.Choose your words and how you say it

First, don’t go saying things you don’t mean. Second, don’t go promising things you cannot deliver. Choosing the right words to express your company’s stand on an issue is important in resolving customer complaints. Keep your tone of voice passive and your body language positive to make sure you don’t send out the wrong signal to the person you’re talking to.


You won’t say yes all the time, but you can’t say no to their demands all the time either. Negotiate, find ways to satisfy your customer without compromising your business and ask what you can do next to help. This is a great way to handle a conflict plus it will allow you the opportunity to gain a loyal customer in the future.

Having one customer complains about your business doesn't mean that you’re not doing anything right in your store. After resolving the issue, reexamine your customer service strategies and find ways how you can minimize complaints or prevent it from escalating. At the end of the day, you can charge everything to experience and learn from it.